Sunday, December 10, 2006

Romance Short Story Markets

I love short stories, especially romance. Nothing can put a smile on your face faster than a happy ending. However, there aren't a plethora of places for romantic shorts. Harlequin recognizes how powerful a great short story can be, and so periodically runs contests to search out the best one. but what to do if your story didn't fit their needs? Before you shove it under the bed, try a few other markets like:

Woman's World (US)
The People's Friend (UK)
My Weekly (UK)
Woman's Day (Australia)

The Wild Rose Press

Flash Me Magazine
Romance Central
Espresso Fiction
Wild Child Publishing

The Australian Women's Weekly/Penguin Books short story contest 2007

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If I had time, I would. If I didn't have this desire to write novel length, I would. If my summer wasn't already so chokka block full of writing, well...

...excuses? Maybe, but since I've written about 7K in the last couple of days and am on a roll with Call of the Wild, they're gonna have to do for now!