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Captivating The Cowboy - Release & Reviews

She's the last thing he needs...but everything he wants.

No matter how often fourth-generation cattle rancher Slade Weston tips his hat on NotMyFirstRodeo.com, he’s found no woman worthy of a second date, let alone the life-long love he seeks. After his last date seemed more interested in his bank account than him, Slade decides to throw in the towel and face the coming summer alone.

Fashion designer Jules O'Connor is counting the days until she leaves the three-stoplight town of Opal Creek. Her life will finally start in New York, where she can focus on building her career instead of layer cakes. There’s just one last thing she wants to know before she makes her escape: why has sexy rancher Slade Weston brought in a different date every Friday for months?

When Slade's string of first dates gets comical, Jules offers to be his wing-woman, which inevitably leads to horizontal schmexytimes. She doesn't want to be a wife and mom; he doesn't want to move to New York City. With no strings to get tangled in, it should be easy for Jules to escape and follow her dreams. But they’re indulging an attraction that grows deeper every day, and they’ve both started to dream of a different future.

Warning: Will whet your appetite for Better than Sex cake, fabulous dresses, and a family full of hot cowboys.

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First Look :: First Night

I did not want to put the book down at all! – Barbara, Babsbookbistro

Hot, sexy, alluring, tantalizing, intriguing... – The Book Junkie Reads

I absolutely LOVED this story!! It's a whole lot of goodness packed into a little more than 100 pages making it a fun, sexy, quick read that will grab you by the heart from the first page.  - Bette Hansen, Goodreads

Full of fun and humor and wonderful, loving people. This is a perfect book to brighten your day and make you smile. In fact, I can’t wait to read about the other brothers! - Lisa Parker, Goodreads

I wasn't just captivated by the cowboy, I fell in love. - Pennie Morgan, Goodreads

Captivating The Cowboy Excerpt: Knock, knock

Slade knocked on the weathered red door and then pulled his fist back. What the hell was he doing? Never in his life had he started the night with one woman and ended it with another. Hell, he couldn’t recall a single sober one-night-stand. And the two beers with dinner hadn’t been enough for him to catch a buzz. He ought to take those same stairs he’d just climbed back to the street, to his truck, and home.
Jules opened the door, her deep blue gaze as wide as her smile and charged with desire. “I thought you’d got a better offer,” she teased, ushering him inside.
Her apartment was all high ceilings and wood floors, with windows on one side looking out onto Main Street below. A large bed sat in one corner, the rest of the place devoted to racks of clothes and fabrics, tables and sewing machines.
“Pay no attention to the sweat shop I live in. I’m trying to get ahead on orders before we move.” She pulled open the mini-fridge of the wet-bar that must serve as her kitchen. “Beer, wine, or whiskey?”
“Beer is fine.” She handed him a bottle before uncorking her wine with a pop and pouring herself a healthy glass. Brightly colored fabrics were piled high in a stack on the closest table. “I’ve never seen you in neon.”
She gave a quick laugh. “I love hot pink, but I have to keep it to gray or black at the restaurant. Uncle Ben’s orders. Someday I’ll design dresses all day, but for now dress-up aprons pay the bills.”
“Dress-up aprons?”
She nodded and crossed the room to open a large box. She set her wine on a table before digging inside and then turning to show him a small blue and brown apron. “Can you guess?”
He stalled, and then it came to him. “Cinderella?”
She nodded. “Before the fairy godmother.” She selected a pale blue version. “And this is after. They’re my best sellers, though every time a new princess movie comes out I get a boost.”
He shook his head, inadequacy hitting him anew. He’d never thought to get April dress-up anything. And he probably should. “Do you have really small ones?”
“Is it going to put you in dad mode if I say yes?” She walked back to her boxes and pulled out a tiny one with a cow print skirt and fringe.
“It doesn’t go away.” He rubbed the back of his neck, trying to tamp it down.
Jules folded the apron, then picked up her wine and came back to where he stood. She held out her hand. “Keys?”
He dug them out of his pocket, feeling his brow furrow. She set the apron on the counter and placed his keys on top.
“You’re a good man, Slade Weston.” She looked at him over her glass as she took a slow sip. “But we can’t do this if you’re going to do something stupid like fall in love with me.”
“I could say the same to you.” He took a long pull from his beer, a lighter brew than the one he’d enjoyed downstairs. Chick beer. Which meant she didn’t do this often enough to keep her fridge stocked. With as easily as she’d suggested this, he’d wondered about that.
“Oh, not a problem. You’re everything I don’t want.”
“Um, okay?” He couldn’t help the grin.
“I mean, physically you’re delicious. But two kids and a cattle ranch?” She placed a hand on her waist and cocked her hip out. “Do I look like that kind of girl?”
He shook his head. Not in a million years. Her strappy heels alone tossed her out of the running. And then there was her slight frame, the sexy dress, flashy jewelry, makeup, and not a hair out of place. Not to mention the eight-year age difference. She wouldn’t fit into any of the boxes he’d checked on Not My 1st Rodeo.

And yet, here he stood, his body tight with desire and smoldering with heat. She was stunning, determined, and heading out of town in a matter of weeks. He needed someone modest, practical and within reach. Two people couldn’t be more different. She was an adventure straight off the pages of a fashion magazine, and he was rooted to the land, a fifth generation cattle rancher. He’d never leave, and she’d never stay.


Slade Weston’s broad shoulders led the way as he pushed through the heavy mahogany doors and into the wood-paneled lobby at Cattlemen’s, the only steakhouse in the three-stoplight town of Opal Creek. Jules’s stomach dropped as he glanced behind her, to the table he’d vacated minutes ago. With as busy as they were on a Friday night, she’d reset it as soon as he’d cleared the sidewalk.

“Did you forget something?” She didn’t have to check the seating chart to know they were full; there were two tables about to turn, but they were reserved for the couples waiting patiently in the lobby. Sure, people could drive the half-hour from here into Mollalla for more selection, or even the hour into Portland for a food cornucopia, but just as many people made the trip in the other direction. Her uncle had made a name for himself with his blue-collar brand of upscale dining. Cattlemen’s topped the list of the best steakhouses in Portland every year, all the way out in Podunk.

Slade closed his eyes and shook his head, his light brown gaze piercing through her when he opened them. “I should have mentioned I was coming back.”

Yes, but that didn’t solve the problem. She snagged a leather-bound menu and crooked her finger at him to follow. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.”

She didn’t know who she felt worse for, Slade or his ditched date. For almost a year now, he’d been coming in every Friday night with a different woman each week. There weren’t that many available women in Opal Creek, but apparently everyone from the neighboring counties had gambled for a chance at his glass slipper.

The whole town knew sexy Slade wanted to get married. At least that was the rumor going around. But a man who looked like that wouldn’t have any trouble tying the knot if that’s what he genuinely wanted. Any red-blooded woman would exchange her panties for a ring from a Weston brother. Well, marriage-minded women. Which she was not.

Tucked behind the bar were four high-backed leather booths. They kept the one in the back corner empty for employees, loyal customers who needed a favor, and situations like this. She set the menu in front of him as he slid into the booth.

“Do you need some time with the menu, or should I have them walk a rib eye near the grill?”

Oh, that smile. Yes, he must be a player of the first order. Because his grin was irresistible.

“Am I that predictable?”

“Apparently not, since I was sure you’d left with your lady of the evening.” She tucked the menu under her arm. Curiosity niggled at her to find out what his obsession was with first dates. He might be toying with his parade of women, but she sensed something more.

He pushed back his sun-streaked hair. “Isn’t that a hooker?”

“Where?” Jules scanned the sedate restaurant. Nothing exciting ever happened here, even on the busiest nights.

“A lady of the evening. That’s what they called hookers in the westerns my dad and granddad used to watch.” He tilted his head, and she couldn’t tell if he were amused or annoyed. Amused she could work with, but she couldn’t let him leave tonight displeased. Weston Ridge provided the prime beef for Cattlemen’s and her uncle would have her head if he lost the deal.

“Oh, that’s not what I meant. You’d never have to pay for it.” Her eyes widened, her common sense slapping her upside the head as he laughed. “And now I owe you a beer as well as dinner. I’m going to go put in your order before I put my foot in it again and wind up having to sign over my first born.”

Jules clutched the menu to her chest as she sped to the bar. She keyed in his order, grateful the bartender wasn’t busy and could deliver the draft. Thank goodness she only had a few more weeks in this town before she finally got to head back to New York. No telling what she might say next week when Slade Weston brought in yet another first date. She sure as hell wouldn’t be giving away his table again, even if he bailed before the entree.

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Anything For A Cowboy - Release & Reviews

Anything For A Cowboy is now available as an individual release! I love that readers have the option to grab the Not My 1st Rodeo anthology or choose just the book that interests them.

Her plan was for them to fall in bed, not in love.

When veterinarian Jacy Weston changes her location on her western dating website profile, she thinks it’s no big deal. Opal Creek…Myrtle Creek…what’s the difference? As little white lies go, this one barely qualifies. Besides, since her brothers have chased off every guy within a hundred miles, the expiration date on her virginity is way past due.

Ray Mitchell is not inclined to waste his time on something as unnecessary as dating, but it’s much easier to take a woman to coffee than to explain to his mother why he’s in no hurry to get married again. Despite NotMy1stRodeo.com’s promises, he doubts he’ll find any woman willing to find herself stuck on a remote ranch raising rodeo stock.

But Jacy is different. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Or to get down and dirty. Ray’s thinking he’s found the one, until the truth comes out…and he realizes the divorcee from the next county he’s been dating doesn’t exist.

Warning: Contains a virginal heroine looking for the nearest exit for the horizontal highway to heaven, and a cowboy willing to go the distance for the right woman.


First Date -- Second Date

  • Fun, entertaining, sexy with just a wee bit of drama Anything For A Cowboy is another incredible contemporary romance from one of my favorite romance writers! ~ Guilty Pleasures 
  • Hot chemistry a quick, cute, easy read with a nice bit of heat. ~ Book Gannet
  • I LOVED the final line of Anything for a Cowboy! ~ Crystal's Many Reviewers
  • A cute story with an ending that leaves you filled with happiness. ~ East Sleep Read Review
  • Anything for a Cowboy has the right amount wit, angst and emotional appeal to have any romantic comedy lover begging for more. ~ Hopeless Romantic

Anything For A Cowboy

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Anything For A Cowboy excerpt

Who's ready for a peek at Ray & Jacy's second date?

Ray knew his smile was probably a bit too wide, but it matched Jacy’s. He pulled off his gloves and stuck them in the back pocket of his jeans as he crossed the gravel yard to meet her beside her mammoth truck. Just like earlier, he felt that instant tug of desire, the urgent longing of man for woman. Every stray thought since he’d left her had been about her naked. And standing here with her flaming-red hair, worn jeans and a white tank top, she slid into every fantasy he’d ever had.

“You found me,” he said, instead of asking to skip the ride and take things indoors.

“The directions were spot on.” She put her hands in her back pockets, drawing his attention to her breasts. He forced his gaze up to the watercolor swirl of her hazel eyes. “How long do you think we’ll be out for? Should I take a coat?”

“I’m not taking one.” He rubbed his hand against the back of his neck, suddenly all hot and prickly. He’d prefer she not cover up, but that was for selfish reasons. Good thing one of them was practical.

“Then I won’t either. I tend to run hot.”

Her words hit him right in the libido. But like this morning, he didn’t know how to read it. He didn’t want to jump too far ahead and risk getting kicked out of the game entirely. He nodded and walked back towards the stable. She fell in step beside him.

“Who am I riding today?”

Him, if he had anything to say about it. He clenched his fists and dragged his dirty mind out of the gutter. Since he’d sworn off dating-site hookups six months back, he hadn’t bothered with sex, a fact his body had decided to alert him to today. He hadn’t been this focused on bedding a woman since his first time.

Ray cleared his throat as they entered the paddock. “I saddled Little Joe for you. He knows this place better than I do. Plus, he’s as smooth as we’ve got since Candy’s getting ready to foal.”

She stopped beside him and reached for the gelding paint. “And who is this handsome fella?”

“No flirting with my girl, Hoss.” He patted the horse’s neck and undid the cross ties keeping the youngster in place. Joe whinnied in his stall.

“Let’s make him jealous,” she mock-whispered before mounting his horse in a smooth movement.

“Seriously?” He spoke more to Joe than anything, since Jacy had ridden Hoss smoothly into the corral. He climbed onto the horse his mother usually rode. “You better keep up, old man.”

Anything For A Cowboy

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Carried Away :: Only available in the Sultry Nights box set

  Love, passion, romance, and desire…

No matter what your preference, this set of 22 hot and sexy reads

has just what you need. From surprise love affairs to bad boys that we can’t help but fall for, and couples that were meant to be, this compilation from Romance Collections is sure to please your every single need.

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Featured Authors

Removing the Layers by Nicole Morgan
He just needs one night, one chance.
He needs her.

Lying for Love by Jocelyn Dex
Keep the friendship or risk it all for love?

Bodyguard Dearest by Alison Foster
It wasn’t his protection that I needed.

It’s Just Love by Kate Richards
Matchmakers sometimes need a little help with their own love lives.

Perfectly Crazy in Love by Linda O'Connor
Perfectly Crazy in Love…it’s not as easy as it looks.

Her Sexy Cowboy by Samantha Holt
A guide who just happens to be an honest to goodness, sexy cowboy.

Flirting with Fate by Jerrie Alexander
There is no such thing as an accident: It is fate misnamed...Napoleon Bonaparte

Quick & Dirty by Whitley Cox
The best way to get over a millionaire is to get under a billionaire.

More than Friends by Krista Ames
One lust-filled night may prove more than they both expected.

Frozen by Ursula Sinclair
A perfect moment can change it all.

On the Run by Measha Stone
She thought she could run, but he’d never let her get away.

Unraveling Molly by Tuesday Embers
The right man can unravel even your most carefully laid plans.

Forbidden Distraction by Siera London
Tonight she’ll break all the rules...

The Game of Love by Rachel Shane
All’s fair in love and war.

Julia’s Star by Bonnie Phelps
Maybe the wrong man is exactly what you need.

Chasing Love by Misha Elliott
Will Dylan continue to believe that love isn’t in the cards for him-
or will he take the leap and chase after love?

Masked by Alyson Reynolds
Will Natalie choose her old boring life, or will she choose the one that has Nic and Carter by her side?

Carried Away by Jenna Bayley-Burke
He's ready to settle down. She's ready to turn it up!

Bedeviled by Madison Michael
With Deceit on Both Sides, is their Love Bedeviled?

Barbary Coast by Pepper Goodrich
A Love Genie Story

Love Unleashed by Marcia James
Winning sometimes takes losing control.

Covering the Spread by Destiny Blaine
The chemistry between reporter and player is hotter than the Nevada sand
until a point-shaving scheme threatens to ruin careers and a budding romance.