Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Caribbean Cowboy

It's release day for Caribbean Cowboy, the 4th installment in the Under the Caribbean Sun series! All of the stories stand alone, but I love when characters I fell for dance back into another book, so I indulged myself with these. Caribbean Cowboy starts at the wedding of Harm & Holly, the couple from Caribbean Casanova. This is Janny's story, and we finally see why Janny was so intent on warning her friends off the Prinsen brothers in the first three books.

What's a little fantasy between strangers?

If Dr. Janny Baird is sure of anything, it’s that love isn’t written in her stars. She keeps her libido in check and fuels her imagination with paperback fantasies. Suffering through a friend’s wedding on a remote Aleutian island, she indulges in a little Bedded by the Bad Boy by taking a wild, erotic ride on the back of a stranger’s motorcycle.

When the previous night’s distraction turns up at the wedding looking all Taken by the Tycoon, she decides one more fantasy night won’t hurt, and gives Nik Hansen total control. 

The last thing she expects is for Mr. Bad Boy/Tycoon to show up in the Caribbean, disrupting her regularly scheduled life and ready to play Claimed by the Cowboy. As much as Nik wants to make every one of Janny’s fantasies come true, he wouldn’t mind being part of her reality. He’s determined tostake a claim…on island life and on Janny’s heart.

Warning:: Your secret fantasies are not safe. This cowboy is a patient man. He’ll reach deep inside you to make them all come true…one red-hot fantasy at a time.


Excerpt Time!