Monday, June 09, 2014

What Google Really Thinks of Me

I was stalking The Bloggess and she did a post about Googlism, a site that gives you the straight poop on what Google thinks of you. Of course this made me curious, as most things do. I had check it out. Careful, it's not like you can unlearn these things about yourself.

jenna is famous
jenna is ecstatic
jenna is even dumber than her father
jenna is the answer to a mothers prayers
jenna is appearing on live with regis on monday
jenna is described as "bubbly" and “a blue
jenna is known along the strip
jenna is certainly special
jenna is like that also in real life
jenna is winning
jenna is really concentrating here
jenna is in the building
jenna is knowledgeable about spacecraft
jenna is torn about her future
jenna is a masterpiece
jenna is a chameleon
jenna is more than a woman
jenna is a chip off the old block
jenna is all business on the wrestling mat
jenna is a goddess
jenna is a very sweet