Thursday, April 23, 2015

Early Reviews

Two months until Anything For A Cowboy releases, and reviews have already started! I'm so excited for this one, especially because I get to share the release (and anthology) with my girls Donna Alward and Sarah M Anderson. Plus, there is even a website. Can you feel my love for this whole thing?

"This is a cute romance which I really enjoyed" - Cariad Books

"An incredible read. Don’t miss it!" - Night Owl Reviews, Top Pick

Friday, April 17, 2015

Garth Brooks Concert!

When I saw a post on Facebook for free Garth Brooks tickets to the sold-out show, I was looking for the punch line. These tickets were offered up by a friend I've known forever, with the caveat that the seats were terrible. But there were two things that made that not matter - FREE and Garth Brooks. Even better, by college bestie would be in town.

It was one of those rare events when everything seemed to go well. We found other friends on the train on the way to the concert. The tickets worked (you never know). And the tickets weren't just terrible, they were comically bad. three rows from the top, and behind the stage.

Everyone up there was there for a good time. We sang along to every song. Heck, we even managed to make it home in one piece. Not sure that would have happened if we'd gone in college!