Thursday, December 28, 2006

3 more days of indulgence

Am I the only one eyeing the new year as an opportunity for change? I want to be more organized in the new year, hopefully more productive and profitable as well. I want BabyBoy potty trained (yes, even I am bored of this topic) and BigBoy reading (though I think he may be holding out on me). I want to start dating HubbaBubba againg because he truly is adorable. peas?


Anonymous said...

Yes, two time a year I get that itch... September... something to do with the back to school thing makes it feel like a new beginning.... and of course New Years.

Anonymous said...

3 days of indulgence is right - I'm so starting the diet sometime next week! And I just spent $12 tonight at a place called the Dessert Gallery.

I've been passing that Elf Yourself thing around to my family today - we'll see what they say! :)

Happy New Year!