Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twitter Me This

It's all over fabulous Tweeps...the For Kicks Business Travel Tips Twitter Contest that is. Did you collect all 25 posts? (If not, you can cheat...just go through my Tweet stream to get them.)

Up for grabs is a $25 e-giftcard. That's enough for my entire ebook collection, or a couple of the paperbacks...like PRIVATE SCANDAL, which will be released next week.

Follow me on Twitter @jennabb to collect the tips (or just collect them from the Twitter feed on the sidebar of this blog if you don't tweet).

Once you have them collected in the body of the email, send it to my gmail, jbayleyburke. I'll collect names until Friday, 2/3, then post the winner on saturday morning. Good luck all!


1/6 ::  Don't panic about a toothbrush. You can buy anything you forget. http://amzn.to/xK9Az2

1/7 ::  Comfortable shoes are key. Don't spend the day 3 inches taller - think kitten heels.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

For Kicks : 6 Sentence Sunday

“It is a date, Breeze.” He backed her up to her side of the car, stepping closer so she couldn’t duck away.

“No, it’s not,” she said, a hint of laughter danced in her eyes.

“Then why am I doing this?” He ran his finger along her jawbone and her breath hitched as he tipped her chin up. Her eyes darkened to a cobalt blue as he neared, long lashes fluttering closed as he lowered his mouth over hers.
I've seen the #sixsunday hashtag all over Twitter, so decided to check it out. It's easy peasy - just post six sentences from your latest release, backlist, coming soon, WIP, whatevs. Not sure how to get listed on their website, but maybe they post about that during the week.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

More For Kicks reviews!

"Entertaining story filled with corporate intrigue, sensual temptations, and a slow seduction that will make your heart flutter." Sensual Reads

"[Logan] pursued Breeze like "a Black Friday shopper" and it definitely added to the humor of this story, as didBreeze's attempts to always turn the tables on Logan. Although it had a slow build up in the beginning with was well worth it and I will definitely be recommending For Kicks to all of my friends." -- Guilty Pleasures, 4 stars

"It's witty, sweet, and sexy." Mama Knows Books

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog Happenings Today

It's release day! FOR KICKS has arrived. Today, I'm spreading the word at...

http://redheadsreviewitbetter.blogspot.com/2012/01/author-interview-with-jenna-bayley.html ( & Dinner contest for a $5 Amazon e-giftcard)

Samhain Publishing feature - with review highlights

First Chapters - features the first chapter of For Kicks


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blog Happenings Today

The Pink Heart Society: Male On Monday :: David Beckham: The Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke shares the hero inspiration for her latest release, the ever ogleable David Beckham.

Do you want to win a $5 Amazon e-giftcard? Just head over to The PHS and comment on this question...

What is the sexiest thing about a man? For me it's not about his ability to attract a woman, but how he keeps her interested in him forever. Now that is a skill.

Jenna Bayley-Burke with Interview, Review and Giveaway!!! @ Romance Book Craze. Find out what I do in my free time (HA!) and comment to win a $5 Amazon e-giftcard.

VISIT AND GIVEAWAY WITH JENNA BAYLEY-BURKE,AUTHOR OF “FOR KICKS”… @ My Book Addiction and More. Comment to win a $5 Amazon e-giftcard. Congrats to Mary Preston!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Blog Tour

I'm wandering the internet, passing out $5 Amazon e-giftcards at most stops. That way, if you've already picked up For Kicks, you can use it to buy one of my other titles. Or gum. I can't stop you. :D

Places to find me this month ::

9 - Authors On The Cheap
13- The Pink Heart Society (Fill The Well column)
16 - Books & Kisses (interview & comment contest)
22 - Guilty Pleasures (review)
23 -The Pink Heart Society (Male On Monday & sexy man contest)
23 - Romance Book Craze (interview & comment contest)
24 - My Book Addiction (interview & comment contest)
24 - Red Heads Review It Better (Dinner contest)
24 - Samhain Publishing
25 - Delilah Devlin's blog (Curiosity contest)
26 - Random Thoughts From An Unbalanced Mind (What's Your Sign contest)

For Kicks

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pink Macaroni & Cheese

My kids love mac & cheese...from a box. We've gone through a half dozen recipes trying to find what they dislike about the homemade version. We finally figured out they don't like the consistency of a flour thickened cheese sauce. OK...

I was flattened to find out how easy it is to make mac & cheese if you don't bother making cheese sauce. Ready for it?

a box of mac, cooked and drained.
a can of crushed tomatoes
a pint of 1/2 & 1/2 (even the fat-free version)
a bag of shredded cheese...we like the mexican blend, but cheddar, colby jack, and Italian have all done right by us. This is a great way to use up all your cheesy odds and ends.

That is IT. Plop it in a pan and bake until bubbly...like 30 minutes.
My kiddos are particular, so they like a crunchy top, but not with breadcrumbs. So...I put slivers of butter on top. They also like bacon in it. I'm just glad they're not eating neon cheese.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Pink Heart Society: Fill The Well Friday :: The Fun Plan

The Pink Heart Society: Fill The Well Friday :: The Fun Plan: As The Pink Heart Society looked toward a new year, editor Michelle Styles thought to set aside her Fill The Well column. Jenna Bayley-Bur...

Saturday, January 07, 2012


It's so exciting when reviews start to come in for a story. I write to entertain, so I live for the idea that I managed to perk up someone's afternoon :)

Romance Book Craze served me up four martinis! What is really funny, is that I am working on a book where the heroine is drinking a blue martini.

"I loved this story. It was funny, witty, sweet, and sexy.  I could not put this book down. Oh and did I mention the love scenes? Oh my...way to melt the panties." - Romance Book Craze

"This was very entertaining read with an uber hot ex-athlete with an inventive use of chocolate. This is a great book to spend a cold afternoon absorbed in." - Night Owl Reviews

Friday, January 06, 2012

Banking On Readers

When my last book came out, I did my usual promo -- website & blog ads, interviews, book giveaways. Sales were great, so it's a solid plan. But one of my most loyal readers contacted me with a suggestion.

Since she pre-orders my books, and has them all, winning a free copy isn't a big deal to her. She's wonderful about talking me up to her other well-read friendlies, some of whom wind up winning my giveaways :)

But it got me thinking that I could take my advertising budget for a book and instead of only offering books as giveways, I could also offer e-giftcards so readers could buy the book themselves. This way, if they already have the book I'm singing about, they can get a backlist story, or support another author.

It's a little scary to branch out and try something new, but if it works, it's better for me and my reader lovelies.

I'll be giving away a $5 e-giftcard at each of my blog posts this month for either Amazon or B&N or your favorite bookish site. I'll link each post on this blog.

And I'm having my first Twitter contest. Every day for 25 days I'll post a new FOR KICKS Business Travel Tip. Collect them all and at the end email me the list to be entered to win a $25 e-giftcard. That's enough for my entire ebook collection, or a couple of the paperbacks...like PRIVATE SCANDAL, which will be released next month.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @jennabb to collect the tips (or just collect them from the Twitter feed on the sidebar of this blog if you don't tweet).

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Adventure List - 2012

I love my adventures. I have such fun, and manage to drag my lovelies into the joy zone with me. With the health issues that hit the fan last month, I'm not sure how much I'll be up for, so I made a list of things I can do close to home. I'm excited already!

1. Spanish Coffee @ Huber's

2. OMSI After Dark

3. Slappycakes

4. Bob’s Red Mill Tour

5. Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden

6. Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

7. Rose Garden

8. Portland Saturday Market

9. Shakespeare in the Park

10. Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade

11. Oktoberfest @ Mt Angel

12. Tea @ The Heathman

13. Festival of Lights @ The Grotto

What fun do you have planned this year?