Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm in Australia!

Well, my book is. Just One Spark is on sale now! Someday I will make it there. This time of year, too. I want a piece of their summertime!

AND...Cooking Up A Storm is sold out on Mills & Boon. Maybe all this promo is paying off!

The Coffee Time Review of Cooking Up A Storm is up. " intense and steamy romance that will have you on the edge of your seat." 4 cups again! I'm on a roll with them!


Anonymous said...

AHA! Thanks for the nudge, I'll get down to the stores soon for ya!

Karen Erickson said...

Gosh dangit I was going to buy it this month!!! I hope they get more in...

Congrats btw! :)

Unknown said...

My mother is taking ALL the credit. She was pimping my book on the cruise ship, which had internet access, and so claims she sold out my book. Too funny.

Last time MX sold out pre-release (the first 2 months of the line) they brought books up again a few days later. So, I'm sure it will come back and must take my SOLD OUT smiles now. Though I am a bit miffed I can sell out and not make the best seller list on M&B. We all know how I'd love to brag on THAT. Good thing, probably. Y'all would never hear the end of it!

Anonymous said...

I never noticed before that you said you want a piece of our summertime... sure, you can have it, I'll cut a big chunk out for you today, ok? It's 40 deg C (100 deg F), bushfire smoke is hanging over the city and the wind is blowing a gale from the north.

Now, are you sure want a piece of our summer??? hmmm???

BTW, I luv summer!