Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My website is down

It appears I am over bandwidth, and while I do not know what that means, the web-help says the site should reset the following day. Which it did not. I tell ya, Bravenet is not making me happy. Not one bit.

My kids seem to be in the same holiday spirit as Bravenet. The big one refuses to nap, the little one refuses to use the potty. My oh-so-fun lethargy issues are back, which makes all of this worse. Bring on January!

My mind is starting to swirl, andticipating writing the next book. Which I have decided to plot, and then write out of sequence. Must keep myself on my toes. But not until Jannuary. I am on vacation!

**update...the website is out until January 1. Got to LOVE Bravenet. NOT!**

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