Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My reading binge

Abby Blake is trying to make everyone happy - her two adult daughters, her friends, her clients - until she realizes she isn't. Happy that is. Frustrated and fed up, she decides to go on strike, trying to light a fire under her family to solve things on their own.

Sulking in the spare room is doing nothing for her, so Abby hitches a ride on her daughter's father-in-law's plane, thinking she'll spend the weekend in Chicago...but she ends up in Paris! Out of her element she is forced to concentrate on herself and what makes her happy...which surprisingly enough is the man she thought she couldn't stand!

Nikki Rivers' The Christmas Strike will resonate just as deeply in July as it does at this time of year. Treat yourself to this fast-paced, emotional without being over the top, and tons of fun story of looking for yourself and finding everything you ever wanted.

Jane Demeo has been hiding behind her shapeless clothes and stutter for far too long. Determined to prove to her co-workers at the advertising agency, and herself, she can give a presentation without stuttering, she asks her friend for advice. The elderly actress has the perfect solution...invent a character who does not stutter.

Modeling her character after a cat at the shelter she volunteers at, Jane transforms into sexy Sasha. The character works well in presentations, but Jane is uncomfortable with the attention her sexed-up persona receives, until she catches the eye of her boss.

What a fun story of love requited. Well thought out characters and well researched. With Her Wildest Dreams Emily McKay shows why she's become so popular with so many Harlequin lines.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenna
They both sound good. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Yummm I love Christmas books!

Anonymous said...

I have Her Wildest Dreams in my TBR pile. Can't wait to read it!