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Cooking Up A Seduction Giveaway

I'm a little excited for the release of Cooking Up A Seduction. Just a bit.

Let's get some momentum going with an easy-peasy Rafflecopter giveaway ::

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Preview :: Cooking Up A Seduction

http://www.jennabayleyburke.com/#!cooking-up-a-seduction/c1aa9Cooking Up A Seduction
by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Love never tasted so sweet...

Sexy venture capitalist Cameron Price takes the helm of the Seattle branch of the firm to prove he has what it takes to lead the entire company. Unfortunately, his boss thinks what it takes for a workaholic like Cam is a wife!

To fend off the matrimonally inclined, Cameron has to think fast. Inspired by the dazzling green eyes of the gorgeous caterer, he proposes the kind of innovative arrangement he's known for. If Lauren Brody will spend a few weeks on his arm networking at events, she'll be able to raise the profile of Come For Dinner catering and book more clients than she ever dreamed.

But Lauren has a plan of her own and tempts Cameron to play along. She convinces Mr. Buttoned-Up-Tight they can have some serious fun on his piano, in his kitchen, and behind closed doors. But it's dangerous to keep a lid on something so hot. And a relationship was never on Cameron's agenda...

WARNING :: Indulge at your own risk! Cravings for exotic fruit, decadent delights, erotic fashion & steaming hot nights of pleasure have been reported.

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Best Book Bloggers & Reviewers Thursday 13 Series

Welcome to my Thursday 13 interview series of the Best Book Bloggers & Reviewers :)
I love writing, but marketing? Not really my skill set. That's true for most authors I know. Most of us are using the scatter method to get the word out - blog tours, book blasts, review requests, Facebook, Twitter (where I usually wind up talking about food or faux pas, not promo). So I'm asking my favorite industry professionals - no, not editors, agents and publishers - bloggers, reviewers & street team members!
Up first is the uber-smart Heather Carver of Carver's Book Cravings.
1. Last book you read and LOVED :: Undone by RE Hunter

2. Last book you reviewed :: Undone by RE Hunter 
3. Why did you start a book blog? I love reading and I wanted to share my passion with others!

4. How do you discover books? Mainly through emails promoting books with cover reveals, release day blitz or blog tours.  I am in a couple groups on FB that give great book names also.
5. What do you think helps build momentum for a book ::  Getting as much exposure for the book within the first couple weeks.  Do blog tours and send out ARC's to bloggers to review.  Have bloggers add to Amazon on release day.

6. Favorite kind of contests :: I like winning anything!  I love paperbacks, but running out of space so I really like ebooks.

7. Series or stand-alone ::  Standalone.  Or a series that each book has a HEA and I can get more of them in the next book.  Like The With Me series by Kristen Proby.

8. Favorite genre :: Romance

9. Paper or e-books :: Ebook

10. What should authors stop (or start) doing immediately? Writing cliff hangers and making me wait ;)  I would say just keep writing your amazing books.  Don't let nasty people discourage you. Try and get in contact with bloggers so we can help get your name out there!!

11. Do you attend reader/blogger events? I have only been to 2!  Loved the Naughty Mafia Signing in Vegas!!

12. How many books do you read a month? I would say between 25-30.

13. Where do you post your reviews?  Goodreads and Amazon
Thanks so much, Heather! To see why I'm such a fan of Carver's Book Cravings, check out these links ::
Facebook ::  Twitter :: Blog :: Goodreads

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Jenna Bayley-Burke Revamped


I've needed to refresh my website for...too long. It's a strange thing, having a website. It's more static than blogging. I sits there and represents you, kind of like the paint on your house. It looks okay, so why change the color?

I waited until I couldn't stand the other one. Kind of like how I wait to paint the house until the trim is faded. I'm happy with how this turned out. I even did it myself - yes, technodense moi makes websites. Who knew?

Since I did it myself, I can change most anything. If there is something you see that needs tweeking, just let me know.

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Her Cinderella Complex Excerpt

Sshh...I'm redoing my website. And as I am making book pages for each title, I'm finding the strangest things. Like I never offered up an excerpt of Her Cinderella Complex!

What the what?

I'm feeling so guilty, I might have to post two!


The water lapped at her body like a hypnotic haze, soothing her desire, drawing out her every sensual reaction. Nearly weightless in the water, she stared up at him, his light eyes shining an intense aquamarine that punctuated the hunger in his gaze. He stood above her, so big, male and mesmerizing that she couldn’t take her eyes off him. His defined chest with a fine spray of dark hair trailing over his flat stomach and lower… She dragged her gaze back up his body, meeting his eyes once more.

The only thing that would make him look better would to be dripping wet.

She floated back a little to cooler water. She was deep under the spell of the sensations of the currents pushing around her, reacting to her every movement, luxuriating in the arousal.

“You should join me.”

“I will.” He looked at the far end of the pool, then back at her.

“What are you waiting for?”

“I’m trying to think of the best way to get in.”

“What is it? Can’t you swim?” She splashed at him playfully, slightly worried she might have hit the mark.

“Oh, that’s how it is?” He smiled down at her, warm and wicked. He took one step back, then cannonballed into the pool, sending water flying everywhere. Heather ducked down to avoid the spray, but Curtis beat her beneath the surface, his hands on either side of her face as he pulled her to him, their lips meeting in an underwater kiss.

She gave herself over to the exhilaration, parting her lips slightly as he kissed her, their bodies floating together as their lips met without friction. Breaking the lip lock, he released her, leaving her alone to break the surface.

Stunned by the kiss, she treaded to where she could anchor her feet on the pool floor, her head and neck above water. She’d made a silly list of fifty things to do in her life back in college, and kissing underwater was right below skinny-dipping in the moonlight. She hadn’t thought of the list in years, until he was kissing her, making her wishes come true. Two for two on the day.

Water slid off her hair, across her face, as she tried to find her bearings. This felt real, yet maybe it was a vivid dream. The items on the list sped through her mind.

Fall madly in love. She was crazy to be in love with him, that’s for sure.

Have a fairy tale wedding. Almost got that one too.

Water rippled behind her, warning her before Curtis was there, sliding up her body so close she could feel the heat coming off him without him even touching her. One large hand snaked around her middle, pulling her back against him, so near she felt every muscle of his hard body, including the straining erection at the small of her back.

“I didn’t mean to scare you,” he whispered against her ear, nuzzling her neck.

“You didn’t.” Her hand drifted down, against his firm thigh, the sparse hair the only friction between them. “I just remembered something.”

“What?” He peppered her neck and shoulder with hot kisses, the warmth moving down her body, anticipation building between her thighs.

“I made a list of things I want to do.”

“Am I on it?”

She couldn’t help but laugh, looking through the water to watch his hands drift up her body until they palmed her breasts. Having his hands there eased the ache, until he started to caress her and it began to build again.

“I wrote it before we met, in college. I haven’t thought of it since. Skinny dipping in the moonlight was on the list, but I didn’t think of it until you kissed me underwater.”

She couldn’t stifle a moan as he expertly caressed her breasts, his fingers attending to her beaded nipples. She rested her head back against his shoulder, letting him support her before she continued.

“I didn’t think it would take my breath away.” One of his hands snaked lower, cupping her mound. “Forget everything. It will be there tomorrow.”

He was right. Reality never left, but fantasy was fleeting. “I wanted to kiss in the rain too, and beneath a waterfall.”

She turned easily in his embrace, the water making her slippery and slick. Her arms went naturally around his neck, his chest hair teasing her tight nipples as she pressed against him. He took her lips between his, capturing them in a heated, promising kiss. She barely noticed as he lifted her up, her feet drifting as he moved them to the side of the pool, pressing her up against the wall. He pulled his lips away, taking her breasts in his hands.

“I wanted to make love in a pool.”

He grinned, wicked and dark, before dipping his head to run his tongue around the hardened bud of her nipple.

“And on the beach.”

He flicked his tongue across the peak, his other hand attending to her other breast.

“And in the rain.”

Again he rewarded her with more attentions, more pleasure.

“A bed of roses.”

She tried desperately to remember the list, to keep the pleasure coming at a steady stream. “On a train. Under the stars.” She writhed against his onslaught. “A rooftop. On the grass.”

Oh sweet heaven, he switched to the other breast and she was done with that part of her list. She closed her eyes and envisioned all the places she’d ever wanted to knock him to the ground and take him.

“On your desk.” The moaning need in her voice must belong to someone else.

“Is that all?” he asked, barely letting up. “Because we can have that done before the end of the week.”

Think. It was nearly impossible when she was about to come undone. “On the kitchen table.”

“In every room of that house.”

“The house is huge.” She undulated against him, fighting the urge to wrap her leg around his back and grind against him to find her release.

“It will barely take the edge off.” His hand slithered down her body, cupping her bottom and pressing his erection against her.

He had a point. She had nearly a year of frustration to work out. The house was just the beginning.

“On a trampoline.”

He released her breast, straightening up. “Where do we get a trampoline?”

She was not thinking logically just now. “I was fantasizing.”

He shook his head. “This is a planning session. You want love, Heather, we’ll make it.”

He caught her mouth, trapping her in a kiss before she could explain that wasn’t what she’d meant by love. But she knew it was the best he had to offer, the closest she’d come to having him love her. And while it wasn’t nearly enough for a lifetime, it was enough for a night.

Copyright © 2008 Jenna Bayley-Burke
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication