Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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Monday, April 09, 2018

NEW RELEASE: Just One Spark

Just One, 1
Entangled, Lovestruck

He's hot enough to set off alarms...

Hannah Daniels reads steamy romance novels to forget her last trip on the love roller coaster shredded her heart and tossed it like confetti. Her instincts about men stink, but at work they’re on point. Only her busy schedule means she reads whenever she can make time. Like at the laundromat while sitting on top of a washing machine. Don’t judge.
Firefighter Mason McNally has searched his whole life for a woman who stirs his soul. When he finds her, she’s nose-deep in a racy paperback atop a vibrating washer. Her beauty, boldness, and raw sensuality ignite his interest. But there’s a problem. He’s forgotten he’s wearing a wedding ring.
No amount of hasty explanations that it’s for his brother’s psychology experiment convinces her to give him a chance. But he’s rushed into fiery situations before, and this woman is totally worth the risk. He’ll just have to prove to her that first impressions can be wrong and their spark of attraction is oh so right.

Warning: Watch out for psychobabble, big-brother posturing and creepy exes. An imaginative, eavesdropping writing group and a stalker with a Hallmark obsession. Plus, a firefighter who serves waffles the morning after.


  • Just One Spark keeps you reading until the very end. I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning finishing it. This book is a poignant, sweet romance, showing tenderness and love can rebuild trust. Along with some intensely hot sex scenes, it also has humor. Finding out what Hannah’s nickname is for her vibrator and what it means had me laughing aloud.  - Coffee Time Romance
  • Just One Spark, a romantic sizzler which is packed with passionate love scenes, delicious humor and exhilarating romance! —Cataromance
  • This book must have been great fun to write. The sex scenes are genuinely erotic and entertaining, yet they never seemed gratuitous, which is some feat.Trashionista
  • Ms. Bayley-Burke has turned the usual relationship dynamic on its head, giving the reader two characters whose strengths and weaknesses mirror our own, and who work together to complete each other. It’s a great book that will keep you turning pages as quickly as you can. —Romance Divas
  • Interesting characters, an entertaining plot, and lots of steamy, sexy fun. —Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Sunday, April 08, 2018

JUST ONE SPARK: Where do you get your ideas?

JUST ONE SPARK releases tomorrow, so I've been going through promotional material from the first time it came out. This was featured on The Idea Boutique :: 

A firefighter fit for a calendar caught me in the grocery store checkout line, two tantrum-prone toddlers ready to bolt. The man was a dream, both because of how he looked and because he stopped his day to talk with my boys, giving them stickers and a distraction so I could pay for seven gallons of milk. These were big toddlers, people.

Safely securing my beasts into the only thing that can hold them down – a five point harness car seat – I turned the radio up and headed for home, thinking that maybe that fire fighter should play a role in the novel I was starting the next day as part of my first NaNoWriMo, if only he hadn’t had a ring on his finger. 

No matter, I work in fiction and I had almost twelve hours to come up with a reason for the ring. Quite proud of myself I turned the radio up, Mindy McCready’s Maybe, Maybe Not coming across the front speakers (don’t want to damage the delicate eardrums of the screachers in the back) of my compact sedan.

What if … Mr. Hunk-of-the-Month had to explain the ring to a woman sitting on a washing machine in a Laundromat? Instantly, I was dying to write the scene. I stayed up until midnight (unheard of when you have a child who routinely wakes at four-twenty to begin his day) just to get the scene out. I didn't care about what came next, didn't plot a character arc or layer in symbolism. The story unfolded as I imagined what I would want to read if I picked the book up at the store and shelled out the change from my last trip through the Coffee People drive-thru.

The way I wrote Just One Spark defies everything I’ve learned about novel writing since. If I’d known you never sell your first book, every scene needs goals, motivation and conflict, or that this is a hard business to break into, I never would have tried. Thank goodness for naivete.

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Friday, April 06, 2018

JUST ONE SPARK: A picture is worth...

Had Mason been teasing her about snooping, or did he really want her to? Hannah ran her fingers across the mismatched photo albums. If a picture was worth a thousand words… 

It would certainly serve him right. She hadn’t looked through his things at all in the week she’d been staying here. And tomorrow she’d agreed to meet his parents. She’d look through the pictures to make sure nothing surprised her. Look out for a two-headed aunt or something. Maybe see if she could find out where he got those eyes.

She curled up on the couch with an album of travel photos. He’d been almost everywhere. And from the looks of it, with quite a few women. It didn’t surprise her, but it stung. One day she’d wind up as nothing more than a snapshot tucked into an album. Fire training dominated another album. He’d told her he’d fought forest fires during the summers in college, but the pictures made it all too real. She slammed the album shut halfway through. She’d have to finish that one day when he wasn’t at work. 

An eight-by-ten of a beautiful brown-eyed baby girl stared out from the front page of the final album. Hannah smiled, immediately recognizing Ryan’s nose. This must be Rianna. Sure enough, the following pages were a testament to the McNally family devotion to the next generation. Anyone holding Rianna in the snapshots was smiling. There was one of Derek holding her at arm’s length because she was covered in spaghetti. One of Ryan with his face and her hands covered in finger paint. Mike having a tea party wearing a tiara, and one of an older woman who must be their mother brushing Rianna’s long blonde hair. A child would be so blessed to be part of this family. 

Her breath caught in her throat when she turned the page. A picture of Mason asleep in a recliner with a napping Rianna curled up on his chest. He’d be a wonderful father. She squeezed her eyes shut at the notion, hot tears prickling her eyelids. She just had baby on the brain because of turning thirty next week. That’s all.