Friday, June 15, 2018

Suds in the Bucket

Are bucket lists supposed to be full or empty? 

Buckets used to be for chicken (good) or mopping (no thanks). Now it seems people have them for everything. There's the travel bucket, career bucket, a bucket for every season - summer buckets of sandcastles, picnics and BBQs anyone? - and according to entertainment lately, a sexy bucket. No, not a bucket with lace panties, like... never have I ever, but I want to. That kind of thing. 

I guess we want to see and do so many things one bucket isn't enough. And these buckets can never empty. Pinterest is all about the buckets. I mean boards. Are boards the new buckets? 

Or are buckets the new New Year's resolutions? I mean, they're like goals without deadlines, right? I'm in! Bucket lists are a daydreamers, well, dream!

1. Visit all the National Parks. 
2. Run a 5K. Not walk or walk/run. Just run. 
3. Sleep until I'm not tired. 
4. Eat a croissant in Paris
5. Draft a book in a week
6. Learn to take a cute selfie
7. See every country at Epcot
8. Write a New York Times bestseller
9. Have a book made into a movie
10. Swim with dolphins
11. Airboat through the Everglades
12. Helicopter over the Grand Canyon
13. See the Northern Lights
14. Live in another country
15. Have a conversation in another language
16. Get Plow back
17. Fly first class
18. Enjoy a cross country road trip
19. Write a novel in Anguilla
20. Visit every state park in Oregon
21. Watch a meteor shower
22. Win the lottery
23. Stomp grapes
24. Take a spontaneous trip
25. Watch lava flow
26. Visit all 50 states
27. Be debt free
28. Feel seen
29. Stay at a working ranch
30. Go to a rodeo
31. See an iceberg
32. Read every book on my Kindle
33. Read every book on my bookshelves
34. Make every recipe in a cookbook
35. Leave $100 tip
36. Identify the Big Dipper
37. Stay in a penthouse
38. Spend 48 hours in silence
39. Release a floating lantern
40. See the pyramids
41. Stonehenge
42. Drink from a pineapple
43. Paint balloon darts
44. Get my hygge on in Denmark
45. Stay in an overwater bungalow
46. Niagra Falls
47. Soak in the blue lagoon in Iceland
48. Bubble Run
49. Aerial yoga
50. Be an extra in a movie
51. See the tulips in Holland
52. Be part of a live studio audience
53. See Hamilton
54. Ride the Orient Express
55. Have a pint at a pub in Ireland
56. Afternoon tea at Empress Hotel
57. Take the Haiku stairs
58. Machu Picchu
59. Ride a cable car in San Francisco
60. Henna tattoo

While thinking through those I realized I've done some pretty cool things

Out of the bucket

1. Write a book
2. Publish a book
3. Be on the jumbotron in Times Square
4. See a Broadway play
5. USA Today Bestseller
6. Go to Europe
7. Zipline
8. Stand under a waterfall
9. Order room service
10. Snowshoeing
11. Smithsonian (most of them)
12. Spend the night in a treehouse
13. Take a ghost tour in New Orleans
14. Empire State Building
15. Space Needle
16. Drink from a coconut
17. Color Run
18. Get my fortune told
19. Find a 4-leaf clover

What's on your bucket list?