Sunday, June 11, 2017

Caribbean Caress *first look*

The deeply tanned, blond Adonis who walked through the back door did not fit any of her preconceived notions of her father’s new friend. For one, his bare, muscled chest had her body perking up in ways it shouldn’t, and this retiree had to be closer to thirty than the sixty she’d expected. After all, everyone else who worked here was her dad’s age.

His ice-blue gaze pored over her body in a rush of heat. His eyes made her think of sex on the beach and silken sheets and all the passionate things she wanted to do but hadn’t dared try. Okay, so Joe Jr. was sex on legs. Every vacation could use a little eye candy. She offered her hand. “Hi. I’m Saskia Vanderbrogen.”

He glanced at her hand and smiled, a perfect white grin. “We’ve met. Though you might have been too young to remember.”

She rubbed her damp palm on her shorts. “When was that?”

“Most summers since you were in diapers. I think the last time was when you were about twelve, had your hair in braids then too.” His eyes seemed to laugh at some kind of private joke.

“Can’t say you made the same kind of impression on me, since it’s not ringing any bells.” She touched one braid, suddenly self-conscious of the youthful style.

“And to think you said you’d love me forever. I will never again trust the word of an eight-year-old.” He placed a large hand over his gorgeous chest in mock hurt. “Johannes Prinsen, Sebastian’s son.”

Things started to click into place She recalled her father’s best friend often bringing his sons with him on visits. They were teenagers, more interested in the surf or sailing than a dreamy, awkward girl. Still, Johannes had been the nicest of the three, once rescuing her when she’d fallen off her surfboard and it had clunked her on the head.

Her heart stalled in her chest, feeling like it might explode as it remembered to beat. He was the first man she’d ever seen naked. Not that he knew that. He’d been showering and she’d been curious...

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