Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Caribbean Cowboy *first look*


“I need a screaming orgasm.” The curly haired goddess said with an exotic Caribbean lilt that had been catching his ear all evening. She tapped her fingertips on the bar set up in a corner of the ballroom. At least that’s what the hotel called this oversized event space. He doubted there had ever been an actual ball in Dutch Harbor. Brawl, sure. But they weren’t exactly known for class and debutants around here.

“Come again?” The bartender blinked and then shook his balding head.
Nik Hansen coughed, not sure if he were being punked. He had eight brothers in the room, and any of them were capable of a practical joke like this. But the bartender looked lost, much more accustomed to demands for beer and whiskey from Alaskan fishermen. Someone should have given the guy a heads up that this rehearsal dinner might require a basic knowledge of chick drinks.

“A screaming orgasm?” she repeated and then licked her full lips. “It’s a blowjob with vodka.”

The bartender’s eyes widened, and Nik shook his head. This place hadn’t changed a bit in the four years since he’d last been here. He stepped forward and set his elbow on the bar, blocking the view of one of the deckhands who’d worked his father’s crab boat since he could remember.

“Princess, I’ll help you out.” He turned to the bartender and counted the ingredients with his fingers. “Ice, vodka, Bailey’s, Kahlua.”

She narrowed her gaze at him, her eyes as clear and blue as a glacier, a striking contrast against her creamy cocoa skin.

The bartender shook his head. “I’m out of Bailey’s.”

Nik scanned the bottles behind the bar and nodded at the exotic beauty.

“No screaming orgasms or blowjobs with him tonight.”

She blinked those luminous eyes. “Not sure I’ll last much longer without a real drink.”

“Sex on the beach?” He smiled wide, suddenly thankful for poor liquor distribution. “I wouldn’t recommend ordering sex with the captain around this bunch of wheelhouse jockeys, unless you’re up for a cockfight.”

Her shoulders shook as she laughed, and she licked those perfect lips again. “I think Holly might object if I turn her rehearsal dinner into a melee.”

“Sex on the beach it is.” He turned to the bartender. “Orange juice, cranberry juice peach schnapps and vodka. I’ll take a shot of Jäger.” He should have guessed the beauty would be one of his sister’s friends.

The bartender served her first. She picked up the glass and gave it a stir with the plastic straw. “Thanks for translating.”

“Anything you need, just ask. I’m at your service, Princess.”

“I bet you are.” She turned and walked away, her lavender dress hugging her spectacular assets.

“Nice try, cowboy.” His younger brother, Val, appeared, laughing as he stole the shot of Jäger on the bar.

Nik shrugged. The night was young, and so was he.

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