Thursday, June 15, 2017

Anything For A Cowboy :: *first look*


A giant black truck pulled off the highway, topped by an equally oversized cabover camper. Curiosity had him wondering just where that behemoth would park, until he spied a red-haired driver heading right towards his motorcycle and blocking it in. Not that he could make a run for it, but still.

He’d bet the roof light bar could illuminate an entire barn. Her truck made his look like a pasture wagon. He stood as she disappeared from sight and grinned when she pushed open the door. A vision even more enticing than her profile photo had hinted at.

Long red hair gleamed over her shoulders and she looked younger than twenty-nine with her fresh face smiling and makeup free. A blue and green plaid shirt covered most of her, a white tank top and dark jeans took care of the rest. She was shorter than he’d figured, with unexpected curves that had him wishing he’d pushed for a dinner date. She walked towards him, her smile brightening with every step of her mud-speckled boots.

“Ray?” She held out her hand. He took it in his, impressed by her firm grip. “Sorry I’m late. I meant to be on time. And then there was no parking space so I’ve blocked someone in.”

“It’s my bike, so you’re in the clear.”

Her pink cheeks darkened. “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t trying to trap you, I promise.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He motioned to their booth and glanced back at a gaping Becky. His mother would hear about the pretty redhead before Jacy had her first sip of coffee.

Jacy bumped into the table as she slid in, apologizing again. “I’m messing this up, aren’t I?”

“It’s fine, really. Animals can’t tell time. I get it.”

“Thanks. I didn’t expect anything to happen while I was on watch. Having extra vets come in is really a precaution. I’ve been there a dozen times before with nothing to do but watch monitors. And then we realized the zebra was foaling so we headed out. It’s so amazing to watch them foal naturally, without intervention. We waited to make sure the foal could stand and nurse. She let us close enough to iodine the umbilicus before she decided the show was over. It’s one of those things that makes me think we ought to let horses foal in the field, but then I think of postnatal infections and what would happen if the mare needed help and we didn’t know and birthing onto straw rather than dirt and—” She sighed and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. “I’m rambling. Sorry. I do that sometimes. Okay, all the time.”

“It’s fine. Better to talk about animals than the weather.” He reached out and rested his fingers against her flannel-covered arm. He liked that she was talking, filling in the usual silence that came before the job-interview portion of a first date.

Her shoulders relaxed. “I’m excited. And nervous. And severely under-caffeinated.”

Ray motioned toward the coffee, noticing how her hazel eyes shone. “There is coffee.”

“Good.” She wrapped her hands around her mug and lifted it. She took in a deep breath and smiled. “This stuff is so strong I’ll wake up in two minutes. I’ll drink, you talk.”

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