Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday 13 :: 13 ways to find my blog

  1. lines from romance fiction novels (my T13 first lines post)

  2. international disturbed people's day

  3. free romantic reads (from the sidebar, I guess)

  4. christmas sleighs with popsicle sticks

  5. The Girls Next Door (this makes me laugh every time)

  6. jenna

  7. pink b-day cake (I stole this from Dana. Wonder if she gets hits from that cake as well)

  8. lovely romantic onliners for your girlfreinds (sorry ladies)

  9. online writing contests

  10. rr and rw challenge: 2008 (my reality TV addiction strikes again)

  11. tracy montoya (?)

  12. spying in high heels on usa network

  13. stories that warm your heart (awww...)

I am glad to be getting so much blog traffic as of late...not sure how to parlay it into anything but numbers, though.


Darla said...

It's always fun to see what brings visitors to your blog--sometimes it's the oddest things. :)

Anonymous said...

Some of that stuff makes me wish I knew the secrets of Google indexing ;)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Definitely parlay it into readers, babe. I just got done reading yet another article about how no one's reading anymore; let's prove them wrong!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

LOL! I'll have to do this too. It IS pretty funny, but my favorite (and it comes up every time) is "Hot Jen" because my blog is titled "Jen's Hot and Sweet Blog".

Tempest Knight said...

Hmm... The Girls Next Door... Is there something you're not telling us? Like you're Hef's girlfriend #4? *LOL*

Anonymous said...

That word comes up more than any other on my search hits.
Do I write historical? no
Are any of my characters from Scotland? no
Did I once have a picture of a man showing his franks-n-beans under his kilt? yes
And people flock to my blog now. lmao

Heather said...

Isn't it interesting to see how people find your blog? Some of the search paths really make you wonder, LOL.