Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is a hit a hit, or just a blip?

The little program that tracks who comes to my website has gone crazy! I mean CRAZY! And why do you think that is? Because I am an uberfamous best selling author? Hey, be nice. It's gonna happen and some reporter will pull this post as proof I am full of myself. No, no. It's not me...it's my addiction to reality television!!

Seriously...google Girls Next Door...click on images...and who is first on that list? Moi!

If only the GND fans would buy a book, I could get BigBoy the big box of K'Nex, instead of the small one. Hey, it is worth a shot!!

Until I can afford the expensive toys at holiday time...I'll just be content knowing The Hills is extending the season so I get to see Lauren and Whitney in Paris, and Girls Next Door season starts on Sunday!

They must have been done with filming before the writers strike ;)


Karen Erickson said...

Ha! That's funny. Yeah, the reality shows are going to hit us full force soon. My fave, Big Brother, is coming back in Feb. It usually only happens in the summer so...yay! :)

Unknown said...

Winter Big Brother? Wow, THAT is a hot mess...