Saturday, December 15, 2007

I love Kristi Gold.

No, I've never met her. But I'm researching technique as I prepare to start a new story, and she is one of my personal faves for writing Alpha males. (House of Midnight Fantasies, anyone?) Lucky for me, she wrote an article on writing the Alpha male...

I liked it so much I wanted to see what other articles she'd written and found one that really touched me and the year I've had, When Life Is Tough. It didn't turn me around, but it did let me know that someone else has come through the depths of it and their career has thrived.

It's all about positivity. My grandmother loved romance novels so much she never gave up her Nora Lofts novels, she designed romance novel covers in art school. I want that office I can decorate with those drawings. My grandfather and my aunt both found such light and enjoyment from my becoming a romance novelist. They both thought it was such fun, I need to embrace that feeling and see what I come up with.

One of these days something I write will be light, fun, and flirty again.

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