Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Resolutions Tour 2013 : Eating Healthier with Linda Mercury

Welcome Linda Mercury, author of the Blood Wings Series to Jenna's Romantic Notions. Linda, what do you think of my resolution to eat healthier?

I’ve started and restarted this essay about fifteen times. I wanted to write something intelligent and knowledgeable, something that changes your life, something that is kind, insightful, and liberates you from the iron framework of body shaming.
Then I realized that Michelle from The Fat Nutrionist already had said it.

So, when I say “Adult human beings are allowed to eat whatever, and however much they want,” what people actually hear is: “GO OUT AND CRAM YOUR FACE WITH BAD, BAD TWINKIES!!!!!!”

I’m here to plead with you on this: first of all, people aren’t stupid. Please stop thinking that — it’s unkind and incorrect. Also, Twinkies aren’t bad. Even if they were, they couldn’t make you bad by association.

You know what else? This may come as a huge surprise, but if you’re willing to let go of those negative assumptions about human nature for one second, you might realize that pretty much no one wants to eat that way, anyhow.* Or not for long.

Rest of her post here.

Dracula Unleashed


Bio : Linda Mercury left behind her varied careers as a librarian, art model, and professional clown to pursue writing. She’s interested in writing, romance, Middle Eastern History, reading, organizing, cooking, hand-made silk Turkish rugs, and the Nike of Samothrace.


Anonymous said...

I read a book a few years ago about finding the the one thing that is your downfall -- Twinkies, Cheetos, whatever, and overcoming that. What do you think?

Paty Jager said...

I agree, Food isn't bad it's how people use it and I could get political but I won't. ;0) Everything should be done in moderation- eating, drinking, exercising. Moderation is what keeps you healthy.

Jessa Slade said...

Also, Twinkies are now gone :( Well, I can find another vice ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree that body dysmorphia is as much a problem as eating. I also agree with Paty that moderation is key in everything. However, defining moderation is what's difficult.

Hang in there, Jenna. I know this is a tough resolution--and one most of us have--so know we are all pulling for you.

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

The scary thing is...I know how to make Twinkies. I think that's always been part of my struggle. It's not just the 'don't bring trigger foods home' for me. I can figure out how to make pretty much anything out of regular groceries. Even Twinkies and Snickers.

On the plus side, I can re-create my own version of things much healthier. Like my Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher habit. Theirs are full of chemicals. Mine have green tea, limes, mint, carbonated water and a drop of stevia.

Jessie said...

Here is my Dr. Phil Moment -
My mother is Diabetic and tried to raise me as a Diabetic (no sugar) and in her house, it worked. Then one summer, I went to a Girl Scout Summer Camp and left to my own devices, I wondered over to an event called...the Twinkie contest and thought "What's that?" I found out fast, as I beat the local and state record. They had to mail me my prize as I was getting my stomach pumped. That is the day, I learned moderation is better than abstinence.

Linda Mercury said...

Thank you for hosting me, Jenna!