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Caribbean Crush

Everyone has a CARIBBEAN CRUSH, whether it's rum punch, the weather, or the book boyfriend you've always dreamed of.

Antonnis Prinsen is wary of all the romance in the air on the Caribbean isle of Anguilla. Both his brothers have managed to trip over their bachelor status and fall in love. Their father always warned them about island women, and Antonnis is determined to get off the island unscathed. Until his past, and a giant iguana, change his plans.

Kindergarten teacher Kristin Taylor spent her youth tied up in Antonnis, and then he severed the strings, sending her into a downward spiral. But that was years ago, and Miss Taylor has her life just as she wants it. Until she finds herself walking down the aisle beside her first crush. This time, she'll be the one to walk away as soon as the wedding festivities are over.

Only Antonnis is accustomed to solving problems and getting what he wants from life. And right now he wants Kristin. But for how long?


“An enjoyable read & I look forward to reading more from this author.” – Happily Ever Chapter

“Holy moly, do these two set the sheets on fire.” – Guilty Pleasures

“Wow, the chemistry between Antonnis and Kristen sizzled!” – Red Rabbitt Reviews

“This is a hot, sexy novella.” – Harlequin Junkie


Monday, May 22, 2017


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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Caribbean Crush excerpt

Antonnis tossed a half-smile at Kristin, wishing he hadn’t been caught like a peeping Tom. But the giant lizard at his feet had to have cousins in the Paleolithic. He’s seen dogs smaller than this  behemoth. If the row of green spikes running along the back of the beast weren’t enough, he had a grotesque turkey waddle under his block head and whipped his tail against the ground like a… well, a whip.

“Don’t move.” Kristin made her way to him, her gingham blouse undone and making her look like a very naughty Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Goodness knew she always sent him over the rainbow.

“He’s planning on making my foot his supper.” The thing puffed up its red waddle like a balloon and started bobbing its head.

“More likely he’s trying to court you.” She knelt down at his feet and peered at the creature, then let out a low whistle. The iguana froze, and then turned tail and ran beneath a scrubby bush.

Kristin sighed and straightened, buttoning her blouse with nimble precision. She was his favorite memory of the island, and he’d hoped to find her there. Though he figured by now she would have moved on, married and had a handful of babies. Her bare fingers and slender, willowy figure had him wondering just when her plans for her future had changed.

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I know, I usually go for sexier excerpts, but with this book I'm always getting asked about the iguana! 

If you want to see some inspiration from the book, check out this Pinterest board.

Monday, May 15, 2017


A bad boy can be so very good...

When Holly Hansen locks lips with the most notorious playboy on the Caribbean isle of Anguilla, she has one thing in mind - business. She'll do anything to ensure the photo shoot for her beachwear fashion line succeeds, even if that means throwing herself in Harm's way.

Harmannus Prinsen is
surprised by the curvy vixen's kiss, and not just because she's a stranger. He plays along until he realizes her game, and then changes the rules. He'll help her with the shoot, she'll help him improve his reputation, and they'll both walk away with what they want.

Except when the shoot is over, what they want has changed completely.

Warning: This trip to the Caribbean includes cock-blocking, sexytimes on the beach, lewd acts in windows, and naughty happenings against a bookcase. Don't climb on board unless you can handle a wild ride.

An all-around good tale, with lots of spicy sensuality and graphic language. A good read for the beach this summer. - Library Journal

Caribbean Casanova has everything you want; a gratifying love story between two interesting characters, a beautiful tropical setting, witty dialog, and a surprise ending that will bring a tear to your eye and leave you satisfied. ~ Guilty Pleasures

Caribbean Casanova is a fun and sexy read. ~ Tiffany Talks Books

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♡♡GIVEAWAY♡♡: A Book for Your Thoughts

Hey y'all,

I've heard you when you suggested more giveaways. I get it. I love hearing from my newsletter peeps, that's why I asked what they wanted more of, and giveaways were the overwhelming majority. But like any overly curious person, I want to know more!

So, here's the deal. I've made the questions a giveaway. Brilliant, right? We all get what we want.


Instead of one winner, I chose 3! Share which title you'd like & I'll contact you for shipping details.

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Caribbean Casanova Teaser

Harm Prinsen is quite the tease, so it's only fitting to show off a bit of that in this excerpt.

Holly stepped out on the lanai and held up her cell phone. She breathed a sigh of relief as the bars lit up on the display. Her interlude with Harm on the beach had put her behind schedule and she couldn’t afford to be without her phone. She dialed up her voicemail and turned to look at the house. 

Most of the lights were off, allowing the stars to reflect off the glass facade. But the upper corner glowed like a beacon. The sight drew her eye and her breath. Unaware of his audience stood Harm, enjoying a shower for the world to see. 

Not that there would be many looking. With the rocky outcroppings along his shoreline, no boats would get close enough, and his villa was higher than the house beside his or the collection of bungalows he owned. Right now she was the only one enjoying the view. 

What she wouldn’t give for a pair of binoculars so she could study his muscled physique. Water sluiced down his honed body, the shower heads attached to an interior wall. The muscles of his ass flexed as he moved, his back rippling as he pushed water from his hair. 

“Come on, turn around.” Holly blinked at the sound of her own voice, unaware she’d spoken. She slipped her phone into her pocket, then looked up to find Harm had done as she wished. 

“Oh my.” She pressed her hand to the base of her throat and stared.

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  • Caribbean Casanova has everything you want; a gratifying love story between two interesting characters, a beautiful tropical setting, witty dialog, and a surprise ending that will bring a tear to your eye and leave you satisfied. ~ Guilty Pleasures
  • THE EPILOGUE was BRILLIANT! Jenna I never saw that coming and peeps…O.M.G.!!!
    Harlie's Books

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☆★Caribbean Caress★☆



On the gorgeous Caribbean isle of Anguilla, tourists flock for privacy and locals never have any. The only thing hotter than the tropical sun is the sex—in the surf, on the water, against the bookcase...

Overwhelmed by her sudden success, Saskia Vandroegenberg decides to shore up her confidence with a surprise visit to her father on the Caribbean island she grew up on, Anguilla. But her impulsive plan has unexpected results. Her father is away on business and his partner turns out to be none other than her first crush

Joe Prinsen knows the only reason Saskia has returned after eight years away is to ask for money. He can’t have her finding out that her father lost everything after the last hurricane devastated the island. Joe thinks of the man as a father-figure, and he knows Dutch seeing his daughter would mean the world to him. He just has to keep her distracted, but she has a way of distracting him

Joe has the most noble of intentions, but Sassy undoes every one until there is nothing between them but water. No matter how steamy the sex or how deep their connection, she’s leaving on Christmas Day. He asks her to return, but when she find out the truth, will she be willing to forgive all he’s hidden?


  • “Hot and very sassy sexy.” – Many Books To Read
  • “Grab a fan... this holiday romance is hot, hot, hot!” – LitReactor
  • This book will put you in the holiday mood and leave you wishing for your own holiday magic! - Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews