Monday, June 19, 2017


What's a little fantasy between strangers...

Bedded by the Bad Boy

When Dr. Janny Baird winds up on an Aleutian island, this good-girl is so far from home she's willing to indulge in a little fantasy - like hopping on the back of a stranger's motorcycle for one wild, erotic ride.

Taken by the Tycoon

Last night's stranger is barely recognizable in a suit, which leads to another fantasy night together where the very restrained doctor gives him total control.

Claimed by the Cowboy
Back home on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, Janny is stunned to find her fantasy has taken over her reality. Nik Hansen is literally a cowboy, staking a claim on the island, and on her

WARNING :: With a man like Nik Hansen, you're secret fantasies are not safe. He'll make them come true, one by one.


fun story with heaps of interesting characters and a great read I thoroughly enjoyed. - Long & Short Reviews

Their chemistry just screams at you and they had some seriously hot sex scenes! When you have chemistry like these two, you can't do anything but indulge yourself! I liked this series enough that I would like to go back and read it from the start!- The Jeep Diva

Definitely scorching, drifting into kinky at times, with moments of domination, spanking and plenty of role-play. - Book Gannett

Caribbean Cowboy by Jenna Bayley-Burke is a fun and quick read that will leave readers smiling. The banter between the two main characters is extremely enjoyable and the sex scenes are hot and highly satisfying. -Harlequin Junkie

Their chemistry just screams at you and they had some seriously hot sex scenes! When you have chemistry like these two, you can't do anything but indulge yourself!  - Deborah Perry

A little bit of fantasy and a whole lot of sexy made Caribbean Cowboy an excellent addition to this series and perfect summertime pool or beach read! All of the books in this series have had some hot moments but this one is set the room, break the furniture H-O-T! - Guilty Pleasures

Friday, June 16, 2017


Captivating the Cowboy
Not My 1st Rodeo

Slade Weston’s broad shoulders led the way as he pushed through the heavy mahogany doors and into the wood-paneled lobby at Cattlemen’s, the only steakhouse in the three-stoplight town of Opal Creek. Jules’s stomach dropped as he glanced behind her, to the table he’d vacated minutes ago. With as busy as they were on a Friday night, she’d reset it as soon as he’d cleared the sidewalk.

“Did you forget something?” She didn’t have to check the seating chart to know they were full; there were two tables about to turn, but they were reserved for the couples waiting patiently in the lobby. Sure, people could drive the half-hour from here into Mollalla for more selection, or even the hour into Portland for a food cornucopia, but just as many people made the trip in the other direction. Her uncle had made a name for himself with his blue-collar brand of upscale dining. Cattlemen’s topped the list of the best steakhouses in Portland every year, all the way out in Podunk.

Slade closed his eyes and shook his head, his light brown gaze piercing through her when he opened them. “I should have mentioned I was coming back.”

Yes, but that didn’t solve the problem. She snagged a leather-bound menu and crooked her finger at him to follow. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.”

She didn’t know who she felt worse for, Slade or his ditched date. For almost a year now, he’d been coming in every Friday night with a different woman each week. There weren’t that many available women in Opal Creek, but apparently everyone from the neighboring counties had gambled for a chance at his glass slipper.

The whole town knew sexy Slade wanted to get married. At least that was the rumor going around. But a man who looked like that wouldn’t have any trouble tying the knot if that’s what he genuinely wanted. Any red-blooded woman would exchange her panties for a ring from a Weston brother. Well, marriage-minded women. Which she was not.

Tucked behind the bar were four high-backed leather booths. They kept the one in the back corner empty for employees, loyal customers who needed a favor, and situations like this. She set the menu in front of him as he slid into the booth.

“Do you need some time with the menu, or should I have them walk a rib eye near the grill?”

Oh, that smile. Yes, he must be a player of the first order. Because his grin was irresistible.

“Am I that predictable?”

“Apparently not, since I was sure you’d left with your lady of the evening.” She tucked the menu under her arm. Curiosity niggled at her to find out what his obsession was with first dates. He might be toying with his parade of women, but she sensed something more.

He pushed back his sun-streaked hair. “Isn’t that a hooker?”

“Where?” Jules scanned the sedate restaurant. Nothing exciting ever happened here, even on the busiest nights.

“A lady of the evening. That’s what they called hookers in the westerns my dad and granddad used to watch.” He tilted his head, and she couldn’t tell if he were amused or annoyed. Amused she could work with, but she couldn’t let him leave tonight displeased. Weston Ridge provided the prime beef for Cattlemen’s and her uncle would have her head if he lost the deal.

“Oh, that’s not what I meant. You’d never have to pay for it.” Her eyes widened, her common sense slapping her upside the head as he laughed. “And now I owe you a beer as well as dinner. I’m going to go put in your order before I put my foot in it again and wind up having to sign over my first born.”

Jules clutched the menu to her chest as she sped to the bar. She keyed in his order, grateful the bartender wasn’t busy and could deliver the draft. Thank goodness she only had a few more weeks in this town before she finally got to head back to New York. No telling what she might say next week when Slade Weston brought in yet another first date. She sure as hell wouldn’t be giving away his table again, even if he bailed before the entree.

Not My 1st Rodeo
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Anything For A Cowboy :: *first look*


A giant black truck pulled off the highway, topped by an equally oversized cabover camper. Curiosity had him wondering just where that behemoth would park, until he spied a red-haired driver heading right towards his motorcycle and blocking it in. Not that he could make a run for it, but still.

He’d bet the roof light bar could illuminate an entire barn. Her truck made his look like a pasture wagon. He stood as she disappeared from sight and grinned when she pushed open the door. A vision even more enticing than her profile photo had hinted at.

Long red hair gleamed over her shoulders and she looked younger than twenty-nine with her fresh face smiling and makeup free. A blue and green plaid shirt covered most of her, a white tank top and dark jeans took care of the rest. She was shorter than he’d figured, with unexpected curves that had him wishing he’d pushed for a dinner date. She walked towards him, her smile brightening with every step of her mud-speckled boots.

“Ray?” She held out her hand. He took it in his, impressed by her firm grip. “Sorry I’m late. I meant to be on time. And then there was no parking space so I’ve blocked someone in.”

“It’s my bike, so you’re in the clear.”

Her pink cheeks darkened. “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t trying to trap you, I promise.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He motioned to their booth and glanced back at a gaping Becky. His mother would hear about the pretty redhead before Jacy had her first sip of coffee.

Jacy bumped into the table as she slid in, apologizing again. “I’m messing this up, aren’t I?”

“It’s fine, really. Animals can’t tell time. I get it.”

“Thanks. I didn’t expect anything to happen while I was on watch. Having extra vets come in is really a precaution. I’ve been there a dozen times before with nothing to do but watch monitors. And then we realized the zebra was foaling so we headed out. It’s so amazing to watch them foal naturally, without intervention. We waited to make sure the foal could stand and nurse. She let us close enough to iodine the umbilicus before she decided the show was over. It’s one of those things that makes me think we ought to let horses foal in the field, but then I think of postnatal infections and what would happen if the mare needed help and we didn’t know and birthing onto straw rather than dirt and—” She sighed and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. “I’m rambling. Sorry. I do that sometimes. Okay, all the time.”

“It’s fine. Better to talk about animals than the weather.” He reached out and rested his fingers against her flannel-covered arm. He liked that she was talking, filling in the usual silence that came before the job-interview portion of a first date.

Her shoulders relaxed. “I’m excited. And nervous. And severely under-caffeinated.”

Ray motioned toward the coffee, noticing how her hazel eyes shone. “There is coffee.”

“Good.” She wrapped her hands around her mug and lifted it. She took in a deep breath and smiled. “This stuff is so strong I’ll wake up in two minutes. I’ll drink, you talk.”

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Caribbean Cowboy *first look*


“I need a screaming orgasm.” The curly haired goddess said with an exotic Caribbean lilt that had been catching his ear all evening. She tapped her fingertips on the bar set up in a corner of the ballroom. At least that’s what the hotel called this oversized event space. He doubted there had ever been an actual ball in Dutch Harbor. Brawl, sure. But they weren’t exactly known for class and debutants around here.

“Come again?” The bartender blinked and then shook his balding head.
Nik Hansen coughed, not sure if he were being punked. He had eight brothers in the room, and any of them were capable of a practical joke like this. But the bartender looked lost, much more accustomed to demands for beer and whiskey from Alaskan fishermen. Someone should have given the guy a heads up that this rehearsal dinner might require a basic knowledge of chick drinks.

“A screaming orgasm?” she repeated and then licked her full lips. “It’s a blowjob with vodka.”

The bartender’s eyes widened, and Nik shook his head. This place hadn’t changed a bit in the four years since he’d last been here. He stepped forward and set his elbow on the bar, blocking the view of one of the deckhands who’d worked his father’s crab boat since he could remember.

“Princess, I’ll help you out.” He turned to the bartender and counted the ingredients with his fingers. “Ice, vodka, Bailey’s, Kahlua.”

She narrowed her gaze at him, her eyes as clear and blue as a glacier, a striking contrast against her creamy cocoa skin.

The bartender shook his head. “I’m out of Bailey’s.”

Nik scanned the bottles behind the bar and nodded at the exotic beauty.

“No screaming orgasms or blowjobs with him tonight.”

She blinked those luminous eyes. “Not sure I’ll last much longer without a real drink.”

“Sex on the beach?” He smiled wide, suddenly thankful for poor liquor distribution. “I wouldn’t recommend ordering sex with the captain around this bunch of wheelhouse jockeys, unless you’re up for a cockfight.”

Her shoulders shook as she laughed, and she licked those perfect lips again. “I think Holly might object if I turn her rehearsal dinner into a melee.”

“Sex on the beach it is.” He turned to the bartender. “Orange juice, cranberry juice peach schnapps and vodka. I’ll take a shot of JΓ€ger.” He should have guessed the beauty would be one of his sister’s friends.

The bartender served her first. She picked up the glass and gave it a stir with the plastic straw. “Thanks for translating.”

“Anything you need, just ask. I’m at your service, Princess.”

“I bet you are.” She turned and walked away, her lavender dress hugging her spectacular assets.

“Nice try, cowboy.” His younger brother, Val, appeared, laughing as he stole the shot of JΓ€ger on the bar.

Nik shrugged. The night was young, and so was he.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Caribbean Crush *first look*

Kristin pulled her clothes from the bicycle saddle bag, then wrapped the pleated navy skirt over her hips and buttoned it in place. It always struck her as funny that riding in sporting briefs was acceptable, but whenever she dared do the same in a skirt her mother would get phone calls. The rich and famous thought the island offered ultimate privacy, but in reality it was just one big village. From Anguillita to Snake Point and Blowing Point Harbor to The Valley, locals couldn’t make a move without notice.

“Goverdomme!” The deep voice clubbed her over the back of the head, freezing her in place with her arms half in her blue gingham blouse. Her stomach tumbled in recognition, so she sucked it in as she turned to face her own personal demon.


Antonnis tossed a half-smile at Kristin, wishing he hadn’t been caught like a peeping Tom. But the giant lizard at his feet had to have cousins in the Paleolithic. He’s seen dogs smaller than this behemoth. If the row of green spikes running along the back of the beast weren’t enough, he had a grotesque turkey waddle under his block head and whipped his tail against the ground like a…well, a whip.

“Don’t move.” Kristin made her way to him, her gingham blouse undone and making her look like a very naughty Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Goodness knew she always sent him over the rainbow.

“He’s planning on making my foot his supper.” The thing puffed up its red waddle like a balloon and started bobbing its head.

“More likely he’s thinking of mating with you.” She knelt down at his feet and peered at the creature, then let out a low whistle. The iguana froze, and then turned tail and ran beneath a scrubby bush.

Kristin sighed and straightened, buttoning her blouse with rapid precision. She was his favorite memory of the island, and he’d hoped to find her here. Though he figured by now she would have moved on, married and had a handful of babies. Her bare fingers and slender, willowy figure had him wondering just when her plans for her future had changed.

“It’s rather brown for a green iguana.” She cast him a smile so fake he furrowed his brow in disbelief. “They washed up here a few years back after a bad hurricane season. I thought it might be one of our native species. They’ve become endangered since the sister species arrived. Competition, hybridization, all that.”

She turned and walked back to her bike like they were strangers. As if the precocious girl he’d known, full of goofy grins and giggles, had never existed. He pocketed his phone and followed her, unease increasing with each step. He called out her name, but she didn’t turn. Instead, she released her blonde hair from its ponytail, golden tresses streaked with sunshine falling down her back.

“Kristin?” he asked again, not sure how to proceed. He always knew the next two steps, and yet she had him on the edge of a cliff. “Are you here for the wedding rehearsal or were you looking for me?”

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Caribbean Casanova *first look*

Harm fell in step beside his brother, helping to secure the schooner to the dock. Once Sassy and her models were delivered to the bungalows, he could wash his hands of the whole mess. Trouble disembarked first, leaping into his brother’s arms as if they’d been separated for years instead of weeks. He looked down and shook his head, hoping he’d get used to the sight eventually.

Something hot and solid crashed into his chest, the scent of honeysuckle surrounding him a second before the woman who pounced on him crossed her arms behind his neck and wrapped her legs around his hips. Harm grabbed her waist on instinct, looking into naughty hazel eyes fringed with long dark lashes.

“Play along,” she whispered through her wicked smile.

Her soft lips were on his in an instant, parting slightly to fit against his mouth. Who was he to turn down such a succulent invitation?

He opened and she responded in kind, the sweet taste of cinnamon making the kiss all the more delicious. He slid his tongue along hers and she sucked in a breath, her body tensing around him. She pulled back a bit, capturing his lower lip between her teeth.

He leaned in, wanting that mouth back on his. She denied him, releasing his lip and sliding down his body until her feet touched the dock.

“You need to shave, Casanova.” She winked, her mahogany eyes dancing with mischief before she turned and walked away.

As she made her way towards the bikini-clad women stepping off the boat, he tried to place her. She looked familiar, but not in a been-there-done-that way. He had a feeling he should know who she was, but for the life of him he couldn’t recall.

He looked to Joe for a clue, but he and Sassy were still attached at the face. No help there. But also no reaction. Had they missed the entire kiss?
His mystery woman herded the bikinis and their baggage to one side, the trio of scrawny men in head-to-toe black to another. Hadn’t they checked the weather before coming to the Caribbean?

Two hairless dudes in Speedos appeared on the deck from below, helping Saskia’s father, Dutch, hoist large black boxes off his boat. Harm stepped in to help, not wanting the older man to hurt himself. Manscaped One and Two he could care less about. He’d never understand the American abhorrence of body hair.

“Holly, we can’t possibly work today.” The scrawniest of the men in black leaned against luggage, his face flushed and shiny.

“The sunset shots will be brilliant tonight.” His new playmate spoke with an attractive air of authority.

Holly. Saskia’s best friend and business partner. His gut clenched.

Yes, they had met before, in a rather embarrassing way.

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Caribbean Caress *first look*

The deeply tanned, blond Adonis who walked through the back door did not fit any of her preconceived notions of her father’s new friend. For one, his bare, muscled chest had her body perking up in ways it shouldn’t, and this retiree had to be closer to thirty than the sixty she’d expected. After all, everyone else who worked here was her dad’s age.

His ice-blue gaze pored over her body in a rush of heat. His eyes made her think of sex on the beach and silken sheets and all the passionate things she wanted to do but hadn’t dared try. Okay, so Joe Jr. was sex on legs. Every vacation could use a little eye candy. She offered her hand. “Hi. I’m Saskia Vanderbrogen.”

He glanced at her hand and smiled, a perfect white grin. “We’ve met. Though you might have been too young to remember.”

She rubbed her damp palm on her shorts. “When was that?”

“Most summers since you were in diapers. I think the last time was when you were about twelve, had your hair in braids then too.” His eyes seemed to laugh at some kind of private joke.

“Can’t say you made the same kind of impression on me, since it’s not ringing any bells.” She touched one braid, suddenly self-conscious of the youthful style.

“And to think you said you’d love me forever. I will never again trust the word of an eight-year-old.” He placed a large hand over his gorgeous chest in mock hurt. “Johannes Prinsen, Sebastian’s son.”

Things started to click into place She recalled her father’s best friend often bringing his sons with him on visits. They were teenagers, more interested in the surf or sailing than a dreamy, awkward girl. Still, Johannes had been the nicest of the three, once rescuing her when she’d fallen off her surfboard and it had clunked her on the head.

Her heart stalled in her chest, feeling like it might explode as it remembered to beat. He was the first man she’d ever seen naked. Not that he knew that. He’d been showering and she’d been curious...

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