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Thursday, May 11, 2017

♡♡GIVEAWAY♡♡: A Book for Your Thoughts

Hey y'all,

I've heard you when you suggested more giveaways. I get it. I love hearing from my newsletter peeps, that's why I asked what they wanted more of, and giveaways were the overwhelming majority. But like any overly curious person, I want to know more!

So, here's the deal. I've made the questions a giveaway. Brilliant, right? We all get what we want.


Instead of one winner, I chose 3! Share which title you'd like & I'll contact you for shipping details.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Caribbean Casanova Teaser

Harm Prinsen is quite the tease, so it's only fitting to show off a bit of that in this excerpt.

Holly stepped out on the lanai and held up her cell phone. She breathed a sigh of relief as the bars lit up on the display. Her interlude with Harm on the beach had put her behind schedule and she couldn’t afford to be without her phone. She dialed up her voicemail and turned to look at the house. 

Most of the lights were off, allowing the stars to reflect off the glass facade. But the upper corner glowed like a beacon. The sight drew her eye and her breath. Unaware of his audience stood Harm, enjoying a shower for the world to see. 

Not that there would be many looking. With the rocky outcroppings along his shoreline, no boats would get close enough, and his villa was higher than the house beside his or the collection of bungalows he owned. Right now she was the only one enjoying the view. 

What she wouldn’t give for a pair of binoculars so she could study his muscled physique. Water sluiced down his honed body, the shower heads attached to an interior wall. The muscles of his ass flexed as he moved, his back rippling as he pushed water from his hair. 

“Come on, turn around.” Holly blinked at the sound of her own voice, unaware she’d spoken. She slipped her phone into her pocket, then looked up to find Harm had done as she wished. 

“Oh my.” She pressed her hand to the base of her throat and stared.

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  • Caribbean Casanova has everything you want; a gratifying love story between two interesting characters, a beautiful tropical setting, witty dialog, and a surprise ending that will bring a tear to your eye and leave you satisfied. ~ Guilty Pleasures
  • THE EPILOGUE was BRILLIANT! Jenna I never saw that coming and peeps…O.M.G.!!!
    Harlie's Books

Monday, May 08, 2017

☆★Caribbean Caress★☆



On the gorgeous Caribbean isle of Anguilla, tourists flock for privacy and locals never have any. The only thing hotter than the tropical sun is the sex—in the surf, on the water, against the bookcase...

Overwhelmed by her sudden success, Saskia Vandroegenberg decides to shore up her confidence with a surprise visit to her father on the Caribbean island she grew up on, Anguilla. But her impulsive plan has unexpected results. Her father is away on business and his partner turns out to be none other than her first crush

Joe Prinsen knows the only reason Saskia has returned after eight years away is to ask for money. He can’t have her finding out that her father lost everything after the last hurricane devastated the island. Joe thinks of the man as a father-figure, and he knows Dutch seeing his daughter would mean the world to him. He just has to keep her distracted, but she has a way of distracting him

Joe has the most noble of intentions, but Sassy undoes every one until there is nothing between them but water. No matter how steamy the sex or how deep their connection, she’s leaving on Christmas Day. He asks her to return, but when she find out the truth, will she be willing to forgive all he’s hidden?


  • “Hot and very sassy sexy.” – Many Books To Read
  • “Grab a fan... this holiday romance is hot, hot, hot!” – LitReactor
  • This book will put you in the holiday mood and leave you wishing for your own holiday magic! - Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Caribbean Caress Excerpt

The Under the Caribbean Sun series returns with Caribbean Caress. Fingers crossed everyone loves Joe & Saskia - and the isle of Anguilla - as much as I do.

Joe liked her. She knew it. The giddy rush swept through her, making her body tingle. When she’d arrived, she was sure he found her as annoying as ever, but as they laughed and ate and talked in the Beachside kitchen his focus shifted like sand on the dunes at Rendezvous Bay.

He had as much reason to be wary of her intentions as she had of his, but everything seemed to dissolve by the second bottle of the Ramseys’ delicious champagne. Saskia tipped back her glass and let the bubbles dance down her throat.

“This place belongs in heaven.”

Della smiled wide, as if life had remained simple, charmed even. “Anguilla is heaven, honey. Why do you think we live here?”

“I’m not even going to argue with you.” She slipped off the bar stool, finding her legs a little looser than she expected as she carried her plate to the giant sinks. She knew Joe followed right behind her, though she didn’t see him until she turned around.

“Then maybe you should move back home.” Della snapped a towel her way. “Your dad would love it. And he could use—”

“Dutch would love for you to visit more often,” Joe’s rich baritone rolled through her like music. He stood so close heat arced between them.

“I think I will.” She looked up at his pale-blue eyes, so light against his tanned face they seemed impossibly bright. And beautiful. Did he want more of her as well?

Della snapped her fingers, breaking the spell. “Where is Doug? We need another bottle of champagne for a toast.”

She wasn’t sure more champagne was a good idea, but it wasn’t as if she had to drive anywhere, or be up early tomorrow. And she felt like celebrating. She’d never felt as at home as she did here, surrounded by people who’d known her forever and wanted nothing more than to be with her.

Joe’s warm hand on the small of her back set off her libido like a string of firecrackers. Having a few days on the island with him watching her every move sounded better all the time.

Monday, April 10, 2017

All Signed Up

Last month I talked about reworking my favorite billionaire's into one series, Invested in Love. Some of you wondered...what about the rest? I've got it handled.

Many of my reader favorite's will be showing up in a new form with the Lovestruck line! For Kicks, Just One Spark, Drive Me Crazy - which has to be re-titled because they'd already used that title. I'm thinking Lust in Translation.

What has me excited - beyond being able to polish and revise those stories - is the opportunity to finally put out Just One Touch (Derek & Kate), and Just One Word (Tyler & Jeannette). The McNally's need more happy endings. Maybe we'll even find out why Mike is so grumpy.

Not to worry, the Not My 1st Rodeo stories are coming back as well. The first set in May, the second in June. And more to come! Who else needs to sign up with Uncle Ben is about to be an empty-nester at 34, he needs a new start. And Jacy's cousin needs to lose his flaky fiancee. Maybe Ray's mama sees how well her 'helping' turned out for him and signs up Rowdy.

The possibilities never end...