Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Workout Wednesday :: Water Aerobics

If you have a naughty mind, and a friend who's mind is dirtier than careful in water aerobics. We've taken two, a deep water class with a bouancy belt that was like 8th grade gym class in the water. It went buy quickly, but wasn't a very good workout. However, my friend did get lucky, or maybe the old man swimming past her as she touched his butt got lucky. Heck, it probably made his day!

Shallow water aerobics was a better workout, making use of pool noodles. Now...The big black noodles are the hardest and give you the best workout.

No joke, the instructor said that.

The white noodles are good too, a little gentler.

I cannot make this schizz up.

Now put the noodle between your legs and ride it like a rocking horse.

You see what I mean?!?

I may go back just for the comedy!

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