Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Week in Jenna Land...

  • Send a chapter of Driven to CP
  • Make sure I am up to date with my crits for CP
  • Write a chapter of Driven
  • Paint my toenails a decent color (Grace's neon green choice was only fun the first week)
  • Workout 5 times
  • Watch a movie for next week's movie on Monday (any suggestions?)
  • Decide if I'm going to a concert...a real one. I saw Sir Mix-A-Lot when I was 12 (do NOT tell my mom) and Waylong Jennings on the lawn at Britt...and that's it. Am I prepared to get tweened out at Katy Perry or Usher?
  • Schedule glass blowing and pole dancing classes. (ya heard me)
  • Kristina McMorris's launch party!

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