Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Accomplishments

I know how embracing gratitude can change your life...I've live it in the past two years and have been bless in ways I couldn't dare imagine when I started. After prayers with the kids each night we give thanks for three things we're grateful for, which can be the entertaining highlight of my day. (I'm thankful for chicken nuggets, lemon cake and the Wii. Oh, and money so I can pay you back. - Small Boy, he totally gets it)

So, I want to start celebrating my weekly accomplishments, hoping that will start a positive trend.

I'm so glad I ::

have a best friend who went to dental school

chose rest over workouts

found a yummy soup at Costco

finally returned the chapters I was supposed to critique ages ago

Not much...but I had an extra special reaction to last week's root canal and crown placement. Because I'm just special like that. I'm ready for my mouth to get back to normal.

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