Friday, February 25, 2011

And then it snowed

Ah, I had such lofty goals for the week. And then it snowed.

I love a good snow day, keeping cozy in the house in my pajamas, sipping cocoa and keeping my lap warm with my laptop. But my kids were up earlier then they get dragged out of bed for school. And Hubba Bubba had stored away their snow things in the name of efficiency.

So after much bitching, I scaled the 16-foot ladder and brought them down. And then we all went out to play. Turns out, BabyGirl likes snow a whole lot more in her own backyard!

So...lots of last week's to-do's will be repeated next week. I did manage ::

  • Shampoo the carpets (living & Desitin smeared Grace's room)

  • Workout ( snowed! if you count spending hours on the carpet...3 times)

  • Watch a movie for next week's movie on Monday (Confessions of a Shopaholic)

  • Got tickets for the Usher concert

  • Play in the snow with the kids

  • Kristina McMorris's launch party!

  • Toes polished (recycled with a glittery top coat of New Years barefoot in barcelona on my fingers

  • Wrote the Crazy Horse scene and the he's in love scene without saying he's in love. Because that would have been too easy, though much faster to write!

Up next week...more writing!

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