Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Workout Wednesday :: Bootcamp

When my workout partner and I first signed up at the gym, we decided we would try all the group exercise classes once. Just to see what they were like...and because I have ADD and changing things up keeps me engaged.

We both thought we would have to crawl out of bootcamp, expecting a drill seargent and thousands of push-ups. Instead we have an adorable instructor with an amazing body that makes you want to do the ridiculous things she suggests.

Like get into a plank position and inch your way across the room. Or in my case...over 8 inches before you collapse. Or do a wall sit while alternating bicep curls with hammer curls. For 2 minutes. Guess how long it took me to stand up? Hey, I kept up with the arm work. Whatevs.

The 3-day/week class is different each time (step & tone on Mondays, cardio & tone on Wednesdays, and stations on Friday). I love when we do things in short bursts because it gives me less time to hate it and complain about it. I can throw a medicine ball, do squats with a ketel ball, push a punching bag, do crunches, bridges, lunges...anything for a minute.

There's not enough stretching at the end for me, and I have to modify a lot of it because of the wrist that's pinned together and the plantar faciaitis, but I make it work.

And really need a shower after.

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