Friday, February 18, 2011

Self-sufficient Me

What a crazy week! Hubba Bubba was enjoying the sunshine of Colorado wind farms while the kids and I celebrated Valentine's Day. BabyGirl and I got each other tulips, and I gifted myself a salt lamp I've been wanting for a while. The boys gorged on their party candy... and I went dancing with my girlfriends...ya know, at the gym.

Work got pushed aside with the lack of a co-parent...and the science project that ate my life! TallBoy has been steadily working on it, but all of the sudden he panicked about putting it together and making it look right and getting enough points Talk about a lot of work!

I'm so glad that this week ::

  • TallBoy's science project got turned in
  • SmallBoy got to have a much desired playdate
  • I managed to get in enough writing time to finish a chapter
  • I gave a presentation at a PEO Sisterhood meeting, which meant a lot to me since they gave me a partail scholarship for college
  • worked out 6 times
  • had a breakfast morning & shopping date with my best girls
  • my neice started crawling
  • made my favorite apple brie bread braid. Yum.

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