Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Happy Chocolate Day!

It's Chocolate Day -- a celebration of all things chocolate, even my favorite scenes involving truffles. In Just One Spark, Hannah and Mason's first date is heated up by a special chili spiced chocolate ::

Mason took the silver bag and plucked out a tiny silver box. He opened it and two chocolate truffles shone in the light from the streetlamps. “Try it. This one first.” He pointed to the chocolate dome in front decorated with shimmering gold flecks.

Hannah balanced the candy between her fingers and took a bite. She offered the other half to Mason. The candy fell into his mouth, but he caught her wrist, sending shivers up her spine as he sucked the melted chocolate from her fingertips. The truffle melted in her mouth. The rich, sweet sensation grew as her mouth heated. Somehow, it tasted hot without being spicy, sweet without being sugary.

“Is there chili in that?” she asked, savoring the last effects of the treat on her tongue.

Mason nodded and stepped closer. “I guessed from dinner you like things hot.”

Did she ever. “What if I hadn’t offered to share?”

Mason leaned in and licked her lips gently. Her stomach tightened in anticipation. As she parted her lips in invitation, he went farther, sucking her bottom lip between his before kissing her fully.

She loved the flavor of the candy, but the feel of him melting with the taste of chocolate was exhilarating. Something about the clean way he smelled and the taste of him melding with the heat from the chili chocolate made her moan. He pulled away too quickly, leaving Hannah feeling she’d somehow been short-changed.

As her eyes fluttered open, she realized she wasn’t done with him. This man made kissing an art form, and she wanted to learn every nuance of his technique. She reached for him, but he stepped back.

“Try the other one.”

She wanted him, not chocolate. But as she came to her senses and the world widened, she realized eating chocolate was a much more appropriate activity for a busy sidewalk. She reached into the box and removed the plain chocolate cube. She stared into Mason’s eyes and popped the whole thing in her mouth.

As the truffle melted, she was overcome with the cool sensation. It wasn’t just mint. It was peppermint. Her favorite. She eyed him as she rolled the flavors over her tongue. He couldn’t possibly have planned it, but she’d give him credit for it anyway. Extra credit.

“Are you going to share?” Mason whispered, gently brushing his lips across hers. A laugh hummed through her as the kiss began. She loved the firm feel of his lips demanding on hers. The taste of the chocolates and him mingled with his masculine scent and sent colors dancing across her closed eyelids.

Somewhere far away, she heard the bag drop and felt his hands come up to cup her face. Her knees weakened as he introduced her to his tongue, and she brought her hands to his chest for support. Her hands reflexively squeezed the rock-hard pecs beneath the soft sweater. She should take up sculpting. This man’s body was a work of art. She wished she wasn’t wearing a coat so she could press her body against his and feel every inch of him. She inhaled deeply and released her breath in a long sigh. She drew away slightly, just enough to look into his eyes. She touched his face, tracing her finger over the lips she’d just savored. Pleasure propelled her forward to catch the smell of his skin and she began swathing him with soft, gentle kisses once more.

A whistle from another place and time echoed in her ears. Mason pulled away slowly and then stepped back out of reach. Hannah lifted a hand to her own mouth, amazed at the sensation. If he kissed like that, Hannah ached to know what else he could do.

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