Friday, April 06, 2018

JUST ONE SPARK: A picture is worth...

Had Mason been teasing her about snooping, or did he really want her to? Hannah ran her fingers across the mismatched photo albums. If a picture was worth a thousand words… 

It would certainly serve him right. She hadn’t looked through his things at all in the week she’d been staying here. And tomorrow she’d agreed to meet his parents. She’d look through the pictures to make sure nothing surprised her. Look out for a two-headed aunt or something. Maybe see if she could find out where he got those eyes.

She curled up on the couch with an album of travel photos. He’d been almost everywhere. And from the looks of it, with quite a few women. It didn’t surprise her, but it stung. One day she’d wind up as nothing more than a snapshot tucked into an album. Fire training dominated another album. He’d told her he’d fought forest fires during the summers in college, but the pictures made it all too real. She slammed the album shut halfway through. She’d have to finish that one day when he wasn’t at work. 

An eight-by-ten of a beautiful brown-eyed baby girl stared out from the front page of the final album. Hannah smiled, immediately recognizing Ryan’s nose. This must be Rianna. Sure enough, the following pages were a testament to the McNally family devotion to the next generation. Anyone holding Rianna in the snapshots was smiling. There was one of Derek holding her at arm’s length because she was covered in spaghetti. One of Ryan with his face and her hands covered in finger paint. Mike having a tea party wearing a tiara, and one of an older woman who must be their mother brushing Rianna’s long blonde hair. A child would be so blessed to be part of this family. 

Her breath caught in her throat when she turned the page. A picture of Mason asleep in a recliner with a napping Rianna curled up on his chest. He’d be a wonderful father. She squeezed her eyes shut at the notion, hot tears prickling her eyelids. She just had baby on the brain because of turning thirty next week. That’s all.

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