Monday, March 07, 2011

Movie Monday :: Confessions of a Shopaholic

I have been trying to see this movie for years! (Not to mention planning on reading the series of books!) I have set reminders on my cable box dozens of times, and yet never actually managed to see it. This week it wasn't convenient either, but I just decided to watch and put the baby down late for her nap.

I loved this one from the beginning. I love to shop, not that I take it to the extreme that Becks does, but I can definitely relate to the draw, the thrill, and how it makes you feel better, if only for a moment. In a light, funny movie, the emotional struggle with shopping addiction was extremely well handled.

And then the is the cuteness that is Hugh Dancy, at his most adorable as Beck's editor at a financial magazine. Le sigh.

I think my favorite roles were becks parents, played by John Goodman and Joan Cusack. Maybe because I have parents who spent my childhood looking for every sale and deal and dressing me as such.
I really should ahve watched it sooner :)

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