Friday, March 04, 2011

The Done List

I had a good week. I didn't accomplish as much as I planned, but then, I dream big :D And I have small people around who like to throw challenges in my path.
  • Write scenes for Driven - pictures, mirror, family vacation, Trent's mom, sex museum...
  • Workout 5 times - Cardio jam x 2, Bootcamp x 2, Yoga
  • Scheduled a snowshoeing trip with Hubba Bubba
  • Volunteered @ the boys school. 2nd graders writing biographies = good stuff!
  • Signed a contract to re-release For Kicks with Samhain (WINNING! OMG, can you belive the Charlie Sheen train wreck? And yet...we're all saying winning!)
  • Registered for April's RCRW Spring Intensive
  • coat hooks for the laundry room, wall mounted jewelry box for diaper accoutrement storage in the girl's room (a must after she Desitin-ed her rocking horse), emergency clean up of purple nail polish from the wood floors (PrincessGirl again)

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