Tuesday, March 08, 2011

After The Booksigning...

So one fine morning, I traveled from Portland to Seattle with three respectable looking authors to do a signing at the University Book Store. We arrived early, had lunch at a gourmet deli, and then had a signing highlighted by meeting Estella & Patrick.

And then...it got even more fun.

Someone suggested we go to the naughty bakery. Part sex shoppe, part bakery. They even sold Delilah's famous penis candy!

But the penii didn't stop there. They had penis cupcakes...in a variety of sizes and colors. Oh, the laughter. We were like middle schoolers. All maturity drained from us. And of course, what is a penis cupcake without a vagina cupcake?

Hmmm...all the vagina's were the same size, shape, and color. I wonder if we just caught them on an unimaginative day?

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