Thursday, September 13, 2007

La Shanah Tova...or Happy Rosh Hashana

It's the Jewish New Year...a time to be thankful for the year that has passed, to celebrate the one to come, and to ask forgiveness from those you wronged...hey, if you pissed off a Jew this year, ask forgiveness now. They HAVE to forgive you. Seriously bad mo-jo if they don't!

We did a Rosh Hashanah seder for the boys last night to help them learn a bit about the holiday...they weren't interested...

Thirteen Things Jenna served at her seder

1…. Apples - for a sweet new year... plus the boys will eat them. On a plate draw a Hebrew letter and have the kid trace it with the apple for a yummy treat...unless your kid hates honey.
2…. Apple Pie - eat sweet things for a sweet new year...go ahead, indulge!
3…. Pumpkin Pie - for happiness... I thought of doing pumpkin bread...but picking these up at the store was so much easier!
4…. Dates - for a peaceful new year...split a date in half, fill with gorgonzola, top with a candied walnut...thank me later.
5…. Pomegranate - for blessings...for the seeds, many seeds mean you get a lot of blessings... some use figs... still, I served pomegranate juice.
6…. Green beans - for prosperity... when I told BigBoy prosperity meant wealth, money, even his vegetable hating self took a nibble. Next time you make buttered green beans, add some pine nuts. So choice!
7…. Leeks, scallions, chives - for friendship...this isn't really child friendly. They both freaked out.
8…. A HEAD of lttuce...or the head of a fish...or...yes, go with lettuce.
9…. Spinach - for freedom!
10…. Turkey cutlets - no reason other than HubbaBubb doesn't think it's dinner without meat, and I knew I couldn't here is hoping turkey was OK.
11…. Cherry tomatoes...because my garden is exploding
12…. Cream -- whipped for the pumpkin pie...iced cream for the apple pie.
13…. Crescent Rolls...the boys needed something to eat while I explained the other foods!

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nikki the red said...

mmm--pumpkin pie with cool whip sounds very good right about now!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Well, "I" was interested! Sounds neat.

And you can send some of those cherry tomatoes you have so many of my way. YUM!

Unknown said...

I would have come!! That sounds amazing.

Paige Tyler said...

Yummy list!


My TT is at

Gina Ardito aka Katherine Brandon said...

Yummy! I'd love to try that date thing...sounds awesome.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

A Rosh Hashanah seder? What a cool idea! We just had friends over (non-Jewish friends, at that) and lit the candles and said motzi.

And we had turkey, too. Looks like we're starting a new trend. I hope so; it sure beats briscuit AGAIN.

L'shanah Tovah, babe! May you be inscribed for a great year ahead.

Amelia June said...

L'shanah Tovah, Jenna!

I made noodle kugel and honey cake, YUMMY! I love Rosh Hashonah!

Heather said...

Neat learning idea for your boys, Jenna. I'm with Nikki - that pumpkin pie sounds very good right now. ;)

Bethanne said...

Traditions are wonderful, aren't they? Happy weekend.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

VERY cool Jenna. This was awesome.
*noting the pine nuts in green beans*

P. Robinson said...

Neat traditions, I've never heard of any of these things. Thanks for sharing!

Debbie Mumford said...

Very neat post, Jenna! Thanks for sharing.

Jenna Allen said...

Hi there!

Robin L. Rotham said...

LOL! Kids and seders... "Can't we just eat?"

I've only attended a couple, but the hardest part was keeping my kids from squirming and whining. Kudos on sticking it out. :D

Ann Aguirre said...

I didn't know spinach meant freedom.

Natasha Oakley said...

L'shanah tovah, Jenna. So we're now in the year 5768. I hope you're putting that on all your forms!!