Sunday, October 28, 2018

Say My Name

We have a tradition of giving voice to the names of those murdered by hatred, a voice to those who were robbed of it by violence and ignorance. Each year on Yom HaShoah we gather together to speak the names of those massacred in the Holocaust. There is no possible way to say all 6,000,000+ names in 24 hours, but uttering a fraction of those sacrificed is our way of acknowledging their humanity. They will not be ignored, forgotten, rewritten, or erased.
And so, while the rest of the country seems content to focus on the monster, I refuse to give more time to the end of their lives than the lives themselves. 

Rose Mallinger's welcoming hug holds a community together.
Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz is a friend and healer.
Cecil & David Rosenthal epitomize brotherly love.
Bernice & Syl Simon made their marriage last a lifetime.
Daniel Stein is a proud grandfather.
Melvin Wax can be counted on for the perfect joke.
Joyce Fienberg is a mother, grandmother, and community volunteer.
Dr. Richard Gottfried believes dental care is necessary, no matter the ability to pay.
Faith and family are Irving Younger's greatest passions.
Please pray for those still suffering from the bullets that tore through their flesh and their souls. May this deadly bloodbath take no more lives.

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