Thursday, May 01, 2014

That Time I Got Stabbed At My Brother's Wedding

We're just back from a trip to DC for my brother's wedding. The bride was gorgeous, the ceremony touching, the pictures full of personality & the reception was off the hook! Until I got stabbed.

By a pencil thin stiletto heel, in my toe. I may have disinfected it with a shot of vodka. It wasn't nice vodka, I wouldn't be so wasteful. But it did end my dancing early, even before my one-year-old niece stole the spotlight with her rendition of the hokey pokey.

I think my bridesmaid season is ending. My brothers are all married, as are many of my friends. Which is fine, because I am a dynamite wedding guest but kind of a lackadaisical bridesmaid. I'm the one trying to get everyone to have some champagne and cracking jokes. The MOH in this wedding was fierce! It was awesome to watch her in action. Reminded me of my own MOH :)

This wedding was doubly special for our family because we welcomed two new members into our brand of crazytown - the lovely bride and my too-cute-for-words nephew. He's only six-weeks and he made it into the family portrait! My mom was so excited. I hope I didn't pull a face in that pic, because I have a feeling it will be hanging in my parents living room forever.

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