Saturday, November 24, 2012

Caribbean Christmas excerpt...

I'm getting excited for the release of Caribbean Christmas on Tuesday. Really excited. It launches my Under the Caribbean Sun series, so I have everything crossed in hopes everyone loves the concept.

To relieve my anxiety, I'm sharing another excerpt of the story. This one shows Sass driving Joe to distraction. Such fun!


"I can’t go to sleep before I’ve been in the ocean. Drop me off before you head up the hill, will you?" Saskia gave a languid stretch that pressed her breasts against the thin silk of the scarf she called a dress.

If he got any sleep tonight it would be a miracle. Every time he blinked, he kept imagining undoing the simple knot holding the dress on her shoulder and finding she wore nothing beneath it. He had a semi and he was simply driving a girl home.

"Here? At Blowing Point? It’s a dock, not a beach." She gave his arm a playful swat that should not have turned him on. Damn it.

"On any other island I might agree with you. But I grew up on this beach. It’s sandy and clean and calm, and the place I would race down to every morning for a splash before my folks snatched me up to head to work."

He parked the truck to the north of the ferry dock and followed Saskia down to the small stretch of beach he’d found her on earlier. Only the moon and stars lit their way, making the deserted sweep of sand seem even more private.

With everything so dim, it was as if the world was in grayscale, an old black-and-white movie of a beautiful woman taking unhurried steps along the sandy shore. Like it was happening to someone else, someone who didn’t need to remember this woman was the only child of the man he respected most in the world.

"Are you going to join me, or do you only like to watch?" Saskia untied the knot on her shoulder with slow precision.

He cleared his throat. "I don’t think it’s safe for you to be out here alone."

"I live in Miami. I can handle myself. Besides, Anguilla is known for the lack of crime. And I’ve been swimming since I could walk."

She slipped out of her sandals and he watched her toes curl into the fine sand. Then her dress fell atop her bare feet and he closed his eyes, not sure he was strong enough to look up without his mood turning feral. Maybe the full moon had turned him into some kind of werewolf, because mating was all his mind could think of, and his body primed in wait.

"This watching my every move thing you have going on is starting to feel a little voyeuristic, don’t you think? Is that your kink?"

It took everything in him not to growl when he opened his eyes to see her standing before him, hand on her trim waist and a sexy tilt to her hip. Her tight body was on display in a bandeau bikini top and nothing but a few tiny crocheted flowers and string for bottoms.

"See, when you look at me like that, I’m not convinced you’re worried about me swimming alone at all." She winked and turned towards the water, confirming that there was in fact next to nothing covering her from behind.

The pulse in his painfully hard cock echoed in his ears. He wished they were standing on the edge of the frigid North Sea, instead of the sensual sand of the Caribbean. Following her into the warm water would lead him nowhere good.

And yet his polo wound up on the sand beside her dress, his sandals next to hers and his shorts didn’t even make it to the water’s edge.

*Want more?*
Caribbean Christmas is on sale this Tuesday

If you can't wait, there's another excerpt here.


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