Saturday, January 01, 2011

One Year Ago & One Year From Now

Last year one of my friends posted something on her blog that really resonated with me, so I posted my version here. These were my goals for 2010 ::

Learned - How to focus on things that matter
Changed - my exercise habits (in that I need some!)
Figured out - A way to get Grace to sleep, Hayden to feel
confident, and Bayley to relax more
Completed - 2 novels
Stopped - Obsessing about weight
Started - Sleeping 8 hours a night (see Figured Out for a
clue as to why I'm sleep deprived)
Acquired - A hot tub.
Yep, that's the first thing that came to mind, Not a SUV for Jeff or the piano I
claim to want. Saw that and thought - hot tub.
Given up -
Fast food, because upon examination, it's disgusting. It doesn't matter if the
kids like Happy Meals. I can buy them the toy for $1.
Visited - At least 2 National Parks. (Crater Lake is first
on our list.)
Left behind - Weight issues, for good.

I'm quite happy with my progress! The girl started sleeping & so am I, I've found a few workout classes that have changed my perspective a wee bit, visited Crater Lake & Mt St. Helens, figured out that nighttime prayer relaxes Bayley and fills Hayden up, and completed two novels. OK, one and completely revised another. It still counts. I completed half of my goals!

2011 will be even better. Some things are the same, but this year they all feel so much more attainable then they did last year. I think it's knowing that I made it through half of the list that's given me more confidence.

In 2011 I will have...

Learned - How to manage my writing time to be more productive (remember those 4 book years?)

Changed - my relationship with food. It's fuel, not a friend or a reward.

Figured out - a way to spend more time with Hubba Bubba

Completed - 2 novels

Stopped - Obsessing about weight

Started - A solid exercise habit

Acquired - Fabulous vacation photos...

Given up - Facebook games. I do them when I am on the phone...but still, they take up too much time!

Visited - Disneyland, Las Vegas, NY, & Hawaii (hey, dream big!)

Left behind - Weight issues, for good.

Go try it.


Nicole Maki said...

Great list for this year, Jenna. I still need to do mine.

Loving hearing that things feel more attainable this year - hooray!

Say you signed up for art journal a day. Woo-hoo!

Can't wait to see what you make.

Mommy Wis(h)dom said...

I like this. I am stealing this from you, with due credit I promise. Thanks!!! : )