Sunday, January 02, 2011

Art Journal Every Day?

My friend Nicole is my craft goddess, and she's starting the Art Journal Every Day. I want to be crafty...and sometimes I can manage a few craftastic moments...

So I signed on, opened a new notebook and did a collage type thing. It's nothing spectactular, but it was fun to sit down and do it. Plus, I recycled 2 old magazines once I had skimmed through them for material.

Another step in my promise to feed myself this year - body, mind, soul...and apparently, creativity.


Nicole Maki said...

Your craft goddess *swoon* I'll certainly take that compliment :-)

So glad you're taking a crack at art journalling. It's one of my favorite creative pass times because unlike home decor, scrapbooking etc. it's all about expressing yourself and is very personal - less about results and "perfection".

I think you did a brilliant job in collaging your plans for 2011. Looks fantastic.

Didi said...

I love your collage! I agree it is fun to go through magazines and find pictures to use before I recycle them. I have quite the stash to work from now! I hope you continue journaling every day, its nice to have something just for you. This isnt for my kids or to share with family or sell or trade, this is for me!