Friday, March 12, 2010

So...I play Farmville...

I haven't been doing as much fun blogging as I used to. It used to be whenever something popped into my head, I woud blog about it...and I would blogsurf when I was bored. Now...I Farmville.

It's this crazy time-suck game that my kids wouldn't even play. It's simple, it's cutesy...and it's addictive! So much so my neighbor gave it up for Lent! Me...I'm collecting gold and building a Maison. Yep, Farmville's gone French countryside.

I can play it in two minute increments, and it is SO organized. I think that is the real draw for me. It's neat and logical...while life with the man and kids is just not. So, there may be books and magazines and homework and colring books and cookbooks and fruit and science experiements and art projects on my kitchen table...but my Farmville farm is clean!

Any idea how to get off the Farmville sauce? Because I keep checking my chickens...

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