Monday, March 15, 2010

Movie Weekend!

It's been a while since I've watched movies, longer still since I've been to a movie theater - I think the last time was pre-PrincessDiva, when I took BabyBoy to see Horton Hears a Who. Finding a chunk of time long enough for a movie is hard, and my kids aren't what people call 'easy', so finding someone willing to watch them for long enough for HubbaBubba and I to escape to see a show...hasn't happened since My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

So this weekend the Cub Scouts moved their air museum trip and the minivan needed some TLC, so we found ourselves with a free weekend at home! That hasn't happened in about a year, so it was strange! But I managed to get in 3 movies.

I watched Bedtime Stories with the kids, which is fantastic and they loved it. We found Star Wars 2 Clone Wars on TV...and I started to get troubled. I watched it with BigBoy who has read the entire middle grade Star Wars series. So he knew everything about the story...and there are some serious themes going on! It gave us lots of opportunities to talk about them, but it also made me want to search for more stories for him with younger themes. He has a lifetime to read the deep stuff, let's let him read about farts and burps for a while longer...

I managed to get in Bride Wars too! I love chick flicks and this was much fun. Only a little sad. Great characterisation. It made me want to see more movies...but Spring Break starts on Thursday and wowza, do my boys have plans!

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