Saturday, March 13, 2010

Everything You Need To Know About Storytelling...You Can Learn From Your Kids?

I've been taking some great high-level writing workshops lately. Margie Lawson, Bob Mayer, Michael Hague...I mean, top-notch stuff! And yet today I think I had a major aha moment!!

The boys wanted to watch Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler - a cute movie about what happens when your dreams come true. Listening to the kids in the story talk about happy endings and how stories 'work' was eye opening. It was perfect it its simplicity. And then at the end, the 'hero' is told that the journey is not over simply because it seems all is lost. I is textbook hero's journey.

And then I was reading to Princess Diva - The Plot Chickens. It is storytelling basics...for kids! Start with a character, give them a problem, make them solve the problem (not their mother hen!) was great.

When people learn what I do, they often ask what they should do to get started - after all, 90% of the population wants to write a book. I think it's more like 99% in the mommy set I tend to hang with. I now have a response handy!

Everything you really need to know about storytelling, you can learn by watching movies with and reading to your kiddos!

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