Monday, March 08, 2010

Pride & Passion available NOW!

Happy release day to me! Pride & Passion is out in ebook formats today. Thank you so much to everyone who read along as I crafted this story.

I wrote this book under the deadline of the impending arrival of my little diva. Trish Wylie & I were both writing new stories, so we did some word-wars in the beginning. At the end, I tried not to let the baby brain get the best of me. Luckily, I was being very good about my blogging, so the whole thing is pretty much chronicled in the April 2008 archives. You can even check out my Point & Click Character Charts for Jake Tolliver & Lily Harris.

I finished the story, had the baby...and then came back to it a few months later for the edit. It was quite the experience to set a book aside and come back to it with a new head space. I managed to work in even more Jane Austen asides :) It was a little sad for me to see the title change from the Austenesque First Impressions to Pride & Passion...but I have to admit, the steam level in this story probably needs some kind of warning ;)

Happy Reading!

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