Saturday, April 26, 2008

Romance Readers Luncheon

No baby yet! I was able to make it to the annual readers luncheon my local chapter puts on. Cassiel Knight runs the show, making sure every detail is taken care of. Everyone had a great time and left with a TON of stuff. There were books on the seats, books in the goody bags, door prizes, and we raffled off book baskets. The proceeds of the event go to Oregon Literacy, so there is quite the feel-good sensation going around!

I sat at a table with Roz Bailey whose latest, Mommies Behaving Badly sounds wonderful. Suzanne McPherson was the guest speaker - she was hilarious and had vintage Barbies for visual aids! Other local favorites like Lucy Monroe, Elizabeth Boyle, and Stephanie Rowe were there as well. Delle Jacobs even brought me a baby gift! Talk about a great day!

And now...well, my feet are swollen and I need a nap!


38014 / 50000 words. 76% done!

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Kate Davies said...

Hey Jenna!

It was so great to meet you there today. Sorry we didn't catch up for a picture at the end!