Thursday, April 20, 2006

Drawing Dora

Spring has sprung, the sunshine pulling me outside like a tractor beam. Today we drew Dora and friends in sidewalk chalk -- but I was working the whole time.

I drafted a scene in my head for the book I'm revising with my agents suggestions. And discovered a problem I hadn't seen before, so when I finally got time to tweak (after our post dinner bike ride to the park) I plugged it all in. My daily revisions total might not have moved that much, but they're all new pages.

Do you write when the cursor blinks? Or do you write all the time, and put it on the page when you get a minute.


Laura Rose said...

All. The. Time.

(Need I say more ;-) )

Karen Erickson said...

Yeah, I'm pretty much always thinking about writing. If I'm not thinking about my current wip, then I'm doing something writing related. Like yesterday, the kids played outside while I read my new Romantic Times mag. I'm feeling a bit obssessive...

But if I don't plug away all of the time on the writing thing, I'm afraid I'll lose my spark. So I keep going, but I don't want to burn myself out, either. Yikes!

Julie S said...

All the time. It's scary. I've got post-its everywhere. One of these days, I'll assemble all the post-its, and I just might have a completed book!