Sunday, January 01, 2017

Resolutions - How long will they last?

I make New Year's Resolutions every year. I think most people do, whether they share them or not. For the last few months I've been Pinterest level obsessed with challenges that promise to start habits. For some reason, I like the idea of the structure, the completion. Now, I'm going to be honest. My resolutions last approximately 36-hours. Some will make it four days. But this time I bought a planner. Now if I can just remember to use it.

A Social Media 12-month challenge I'm taking on is to bring my online presence up-to-date. Newsletter, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, Goodreads, Instagram, G+, blog tours - I might even get brave and try LinkedIn or Snapchat! And then a end of the year wrap-up with results of what worked, and what was a waste of time. 

There are tons of great 30-day, 21-day, & 7-day challenges out there. I have a bunch I'd love to try. I think I'll start with a self-care one, because it starts with a long bath.

 All of this for a stronger, happier, more successful year. I was so ready to go...and now I'm looking at hernia surgery. My body is in constant need of attention. Maybe a month of self-care (and surgery) can finally give it what it needs!

As for my social media challenge, I'm starting with my website. Because it needs updating (with the rest of the Invested In Love & Weston Ridge), plus it gives a fresh look to everything. Wish me luck!

What are you working on this year?

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