Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016: Such A Weird Year

Everything seemed off this year. I started dealing with chronic pain, fixed it with surgery, tried to keep up with my bff treatment schedule, learned my memory issues are permanent, & then there was that little matter of the election. Ahem.

I noticed all this had a huge effect on how much I was reading, & watching. I always goal to read 50 books, and watch 50 movies. It helps me work better to dive into entertainment that provides the same fun & flirty feeling I hope my books bring. Plus...hello? It's awesome.

This year? I watched 34 movies, and 7 of those were over the holiday break. Here's the kicker. I read 23. Twenty-three! Ugh. No wonder everything seemed off! I wasn't getting enough hope & romance in my life.

Bring on the HEAs. 2017, I'm ready.

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