Thursday, January 19, 2017

How It All Started :: 13 First Lines

It's #ThrowbackThursday, so I thought I'd head way back to when I took part in #Thursday13, a meme where you post 13 of anything, with  the first lines of 13 of my books! Wow, that is a crazy long sentence! 

1…. “You’re getting married.” Miranda Rose choked on the words, her throat constricting, stomach twisting, and soul shriveling like a lone grape forgotten on the vine. – Just Married

2…. Five minutes. – Snowed In

3….“You’re late.” – TheBillionaire’s Runaway Fiancée

4….“You need to put some clothes on.” -- For Kicks

5…. “You’re not divorced.” – Anything for a Cowboy

6…. The façade of the coffee shop matched the other businesses in the strip mall – drab, dated, and disappointing. – Private Scandal

7…. “Stolen.” – Drive Me Crazy

8…. “I have half a mind to invite the entire boat of bikini models back to my villa for the night. Show them a true Caribbean good time.” Harmannus Prinsen crossed his arms over his bare chest and glared at his godfather’s approaching sailboat, annoyance pounding through him like rain from a hurricane. – Caribbean Casanova

9…. Scanning the line for the third time, Hannah crossed her legs tighter and tried to concentrate. -- Just One Spark

10…. That's what you get for opening you big mouth, David Strong said to himself as he pulled his baby blue Corvette Stingray in front of Working It Out. – Compromising Positions

11…. I’m going to pretend you came out here looking for me.” – Caribbean Cowboy

12…. Trevor Rock half expected seventies porn stars to come spilling out from behind the filmy red curtains of Auntie O’s Pleasure Parlor. – Satisfaction Guaranteed

13…. Oh, how the mighty had fallen. – Caribbean Crush

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Diana McCollum said...

I loved the first lines! Thanks for sharing.