Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Welcome To The Goodie Room :: RWA 2012 Anaheim

After the conference goodie bag attendiess get at registration (which included a dozen shoulder slumping books), many conference peeps head straight to the goodie room. This year, the room doubles as a connection lounge, so those of us who work in isolated corners of our houses and libraries can connect the way we're most comfortable -- online! Really, it is so much easier to be clever when you have a backspace key.

I like to scan the promotional offerings to see who took the time to come up with something fresh. I'm a boring bookmark girl, so these events help inspire me to come up with something better.

Some of my favorites this year were the back massagers from Writerspace & the pack of lies (Big Red gum). Goodie room offerings ebb and flow as the conference goes on. I'll post back if I find something blogworthy.

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Trish Wylie said...

Can't tell you how grateful I am you explained what the blue thing is! My mind had gone straight to the gutter and my brain was giving me a migraine trying to work out the mechanics...