Thursday, July 26, 2012

Carina Press Spotlight :: RWA 2012

Carina Press did an informative session about the history of the brand, and then had some fun -- letting attendees decide the covers of a couple of books. It was great to see how people reacted to the different options, and why. I'm so excited to see how readers react to the BDSM trilogy from Linda Aicher coming out in November. It's scalding hot. Now for the Carina basics ::
HARLEQUIN'S DIGITAL FIRST IMPRINT first books published in 2010 2-4 digital releases a week special projects like editors choice & special calls publication in digital, audio and print potential 5-8% acceptance rate BUSINESS MODEL digital royalty rate 40% of net 3rd party sales, 50% of net direct sales no DRM, which is why they are sold on a separate site than the other HQ books worldwide rights/all rights quick speed to market  7-9 months contract term is shorter - 7 years no advance because of higher royalty rate TOP GENRES IN E-BOOK :: contemporary romance, paranormal, romantic suspense, erotic romance TOP GENRES IN PRINT :: contemporary romance, romantic suspense & mystery

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