Saturday, July 28, 2012

SLAYING YOUR INNER SLACKER - RWA 2012 workshop with Sophie Littlefield & Juliet Blackwell

Passion & Productivity for Writers

No matter what you do, you could be doing more.

  What am I willing to give up? TV, internet, hobbies, volunteering, entertainment, household tasks, sleep, exercise, social life, reading How can I optimize my work environment? What practices will help me stay focused? What place can I call my own? Is the phone too distracting? Email? Internet?  Do I work better at home or away? Does my family respect my working time? Cluttered or orderly? Music or quiet?  Does tracking help? Goal setting? NaNo?

Writing is a little bit of inspiration, some luck, and a whole lot of hard work.

Sometimes friends thoughts on your writing interferes with your relationships. It may be because they are not pursuing their dreams, and they reflect that on you.


Being taken seriously as a writer starts with you. Brain surgeons don't text in the middle of a procedure. 

Stop sabotaging yourself. If you tell yourself it's too hard, you're saying it is harder than you want to work.  Write faster - you don't have time to be self-indulgent, just get the job done. Try the 45/15 rule. Promise yourself to BITCHOK 45 minutes and then 15 minutes to do whatever writing sprints - like 1k1hr

Bette Davis said - If you stop being sacred, pack it up and go hime because you have lost it.

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